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  1. Hi, It's in de dynamics tag of your spline dynamics. Go to the properties tab and set the 'rest mix' to 0% and your spline will follow your Null correctly. If you set it to be a 100% your spline won't follow your Null at all, if you set it to be a 50% it your spline will follow the Null at half the speed and so on. Hope this helps, -W-
  2. I see you used the ripple shader. The ripple shader is only visible in the picture viewer and not in the viewport. My guess is that's problem. -W-
  3. There is al strange light on the ceiling in the corner which shouldn't be there. Your TV seems to be floating. The carpet and wineglasses don't look to convincing either. Apart from that, nice render.
  4. As you can see in your object manager, your extrude is still made out of two different objects, so probably you didn't select all your objects before you used the 'connect + delete' command. Two different objects means you will have to apply the hair twice. So, select the extrude and the rounding 1.1 and then 'connect + delete' again, reapply the hair and you'll be good to go. Hoop dat dit helpt :) -W-
  5. Your logo isn´t any different than a sphere, the problem is that you don´t have enough geometry to grow hair on. Select your extrude object and set it to ´quadrangles´ in the object settings (Caps tab), also check 'regular grid' and give it a value of two or three. Then, with your extrude object selected, hit 'c' to make it editable. After that, select all the extruded parts, right click and choose 'connect objects + delete'. Next go to 'Mesh/Commands/Optimize' to make it one single mesh. This will leave you with enough geometry to grow hair on. Hope this helps. -W-
  6. Nice, I like it! But what´s with al the scratches in the background?
  7. If you want to keep the body in one piece you can also hide the polygons by using a Alpha map. I use both this, and CBR´s method, depends on what I want to do with the model. For your next model it's also good practice to model the whole thing as one piece, saves a lot of time. -W-
  8. - Run the optimize command before you extrude. - Make sure 'preserve groups' is checked in the extrude tool. -W-
  9. The easiest way to do this is to model your tennis ball so you can select the polygons where you want your fur. If you don't know how to model a tennis ball, THIS tutorial might help. Another way is to UV map your sphere, make a black and white map to determine where your fur should grow. THIS video shows you how to do that. Hope this helps. -W-
  10. Hmm, I can extrude this without any problem just using the extrude tool with a max. angle of 90 degrees.
  11. Not sure about your weight problem, But Cerbera is right about the dense mesh. I had a look at your file and if you take your low-poly base mesh and subdivide it once (With 'smooth subdivisions' turned on) it,s perfectly fine for rigging. This might also solve your weight problem. If not, keeping it low poly will make your life a whole lot easier ;)
  12. Very nice! I would't eat the raspberry though.... Also the water isn't very convincing I think. And maybe it's a matter of the but I would have put that (or a) raspberry on top of the cake. Had a quick look at the Blender tutorial, makes me wonder why people keep spending insane amounts of money on programs like C4D etc. (Yeah, I know, workflow blablabla :)) -W-
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