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  1. Thanks for the reply's unfortunately both examples are close but not exactly what I need. In Hrjove's example the color changes permanently but it affects all my clones, probably due to the linear field (is it infinite?) In Teknows example the right clones change color but the change is not permanently because of the boxfield. What I also noticed that in Teknows example the color change only happens when the cloner is dynamic, when I put the dynamics tag on my sphere where I want it (The clones have to be dynamic, not the cloner), nothing happens. Strangely enough the color change does happen when I move the cloner manually. So what I need is a sort of combination of both examples. To explain a bit more I attached a scene file. What I'm basically trying to achieve is that where my particles (or spheres) hit the falling clones the color of clones changes. I've also tried to make the color change on collision of the spheres, but no luck so far So any ideas are still very welcome. -W- Test.c4d
  2. Hi all, I have a bunch of dynamic clones that at are falling. Now some of them will pass a certain point, let's say an invisible box or sphere. It's the clones that pass this point that I want to change color, and the color has to be permanent. Any thoughts on how to achieve this? Thanks -W-
  3. Thanks for the reply srek I realized that I asked the wrong question and had to think one step ahead as I'm not really interested in the particles. I'm using TP to fire some spheres on my clones, and it's the spheres and the clones that I want to interact, I don't care where the particles go. To do that I placed a dynamics tag on my TP Geometry and it works Next problem to solve is that my clones have to change color on the moment of collision. Maybe any thoughts on that or anyone? -W- Test.c4d
  4. Hi all, I have 72000 (Dynamic) clones and I want to use them as a deflector with TP but I can't get it to work. No matter what I do, my particles keep flying right through them. So the question is, can this be done? Thanks! -W-
  5. Hi, It's in de dynamics tag of your spline dynamics. Go to the properties tab and set the 'rest mix' to 0% and your spline will follow your Null correctly. If you set it to be a 100% your spline won't follow your Null at all, if you set it to be a 50% it your spline will follow the Null at half the speed and so on. Hope this helps, -W-
  6. I see you used the ripple shader. The ripple shader is only visible in the picture viewer and not in the viewport. My guess is that's problem. -W-
  7. There is al strange light on the ceiling in the corner which shouldn't be there. Your TV seems to be floating. The carpet and wineglasses don't look to convincing either. Apart from that, nice render.
  8. As you can see in your object manager, your extrude is still made out of two different objects, so probably you didn't select all your objects before you used the 'connect + delete' command. Two different objects means you will have to apply the hair twice. So, select the extrude and the rounding 1.1 and then 'connect + delete' again, reapply the hair and you'll be good to go. Hoop dat dit helpt :) -W-
  9. Your logo isn´t any different than a sphere, the problem is that you don´t have enough geometry to grow hair on. Select your extrude object and set it to ´quadrangles´ in the object settings (Caps tab), also check 'regular grid' and give it a value of two or three. Then, with your extrude object selected, hit 'c' to make it editable. After that, select all the extruded parts, right click and choose 'connect objects + delete'. Next go to 'Mesh/Commands/Optimize' to make it one single mesh. This will leave you with enough geometry to grow hair on. Hope this helps. -W-
  10. Nice, I like it! But what´s with al the scratches in the background?
  11. If you want to keep the body in one piece you can also hide the polygons by using a Alpha map. I use both this, and CBR´s method, depends on what I want to do with the model. For your next model it's also good practice to model the whole thing as one piece, saves a lot of time. -W-
  12. - Run the optimize command before you extrude. - Make sure 'preserve groups' is checked in the extrude tool. -W-
  13. The easiest way to do this is to model your tennis ball so you can select the polygons where you want your fur. If you don't know how to model a tennis ball, THIS tutorial might help. Another way is to UV map your sphere, make a black and white map to determine where your fur should grow. THIS video shows you how to do that. Hope this helps. -W-
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