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  1. chadiabo

    Define a speed via Spline Align tag

    Found it, many thanks
  2. chadiabo

    Define a speed via Spline Align tag

    Wow, thanks I have to stick with a real plane dimensions, that's why it is in KpH I think it works but I cannot find where I can input more than 500 kph, didn't find it inside the expressions. I will try to find out why Many thanks
  3. chadiabo

    Define a speed via Spline Align tag

    Of course I need the given speed to be in Km/H unit :)
  4. Hello I am designing a dogfight between jets. I want to give my planes a path but also a pre-defined speed so I don't have to animate their position on the path, I found out to calculate the speed via position velocity, but I want to pre-define that speed without caring much about assigning keys on the position If anyone has any ideas / plugins about planes flight rig I would be grateful Many thanks
  5. It is well explained in the topic: How to set the sequence of images to start at a certain frame (not zero) in the time line? I have a BG object where I want to load a sequence but it always start at the beginning Any idea rather creating a blank sequence of pictures. Thanks
  6. Great Jed I will try that Many thanks
  7. Is it possible to share the C4d file please, I tried to produce the same but can't make it work :( Thanks
  8. Hi friends How is it possible to fit a plane into a camera view precisely so it won't be manually done. I want to be able to tell my plane and use the camera view as it new position/rotation/ratio(not important though) My idea was to use Xpresso using the half value of the camera field of view and use a mathematical Pythagorean equation that I was not able to do it The snap shot explains how my result will be Best