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  1. Many thanks my friend The idea was only to show the idea of macro shots in the previz Best
  2. Sure I will try that I am using R19, waiting for the R21 release Best Helmet_test.c4d
  3. Hello I am working on a previz, I am using a lot the viewport DOF and it looks great, when I try to make a preview using ALT-B the DOF is not there also some other effects/textures, I used the 3 types of preview and they give the same result. Two pics attached Any idea Best
  4. Hello I am using a camera mapping to model/map a phone as per the file, I want to be able to extract the UV texture from the phone after generating the UVW coordinates, paint on it using PS and then use the corrected texture and apply it back on the phone, is there any recommended work flow, I want to be able to paint on a flatten projection texture rather to paint on the real texture. Thank you for your ideas for the best workflow cheers camera_mapping_UV_corrections.c4d.zip
  5. How to be able to stack different Arnold shaders on one object in a stack mode and control their position using alphas within c4d texture tag Imagine you have a building and you want to make variations of it using only one wall material and one door material with alpha and you want to move the door in the texture tag UVW mode and not within the shader UV transform to create different building where the door appears on different positions. I saw Chad Ashley tutorial on this( ) but honestly it is time to make something simpler to achieve this simple shaders stacking
  6. perfect will search for that Many thanks
  7. I know it is available for R20 but I don't have this version yet :(
  8. Hello Is it possible to make a live poly selection with a box, sphere. I want to use mograph to clone objects on a selection of polys that are dynamically changing without re-selecting every time Best
  9. Great, really thank you, so your correction deformer was done then you took it off? Any how it works great Many thanks
  10. Thanks buddy, but my issue was how to tell the scattered objects to stick to the different heights of the buildings after using Noise function in MoExtrude. Also I can't figure out how I can use polygon selections on Connect object but this is minimal for now
  11. Here is a simple scene I am trying to stick some random objects to each building, I used some null objects to prevent repeating this on every building Let me know if you have ideas small_city.c4d
  12. Hello What is the easiest syntax in Python to make the following : 1-from a A selection of splines or polygons - ---> make a A list 2-from a B selection of objects ----> make a B list 3-copy or instance a random object from B selection to stick it to the center of the object from A list I have a group of closed spline that forms a city scape and I want to extrude each spline randomly and attach an object from a B list to populate randomly the buildings I am trying the Mo Extrude approach to get different heights but I can't be able to attach other objects that stick to that surface in Mograph Best
  13. Thank you for the hint, it is a good solution for the random extrude, but what if I want to add several modelling operations randomly like adding help-pads on some buildings...etc. how do you see it from that point on Best
  14. Hello I have a task where I want to make some simple modelling operations / adding simple geometries upon a selection of polygons / splines. My starting point is a group of splines that form a city plan, I want to select every closed spline and extrude it randomly, make a simple boolean operation (or not) add some domes geo, vertical details....etc. on a random base. I am a bit familiar with Xpresso but I didn't encounter a previous case where I had to deal with a group of selection, I think maybe Python is more suitable. Do you have ideas to share about this topic, a starting script / tutorial will be very appreciated. Best
  15. True, I don't understand the logic behind this behaviour, I even noticed an even stranger thing, if I replace the nulls by sphere, it works Anyhow this workaround solved my issue Thank you for taking the time Best
  16. Hello I have this scene where I have 4 nulls animated and baked and one camera, I simplified the original scene to this one to be able to debug the issue: I am not able to export in FBX to use it with another software no matter how I try, I remember in the past to have found a solution but if you can at least try to open the file and let me know if you are able to export it then open the FBX and check if the camera is there and the nulls are animated Many thanks test.c4d.zip
  17. Thanks for taking time to answer this Actually you are right, I won't see the parachutes opening nor hitting the ground, so I took a model from this site and I elaborated its motion to serve me, I have to admit that I made a quite sophisticated rig to the parachutes including hair, rigid, soft and cloth bodies but the more I was seeking realism the more fake it became. Animating the canope with some wind, random and formulas made such a good start.
  18. Hey everybody, happy holidays I am trying desperately to make a swarm of 10 parachutes (supplies parachutes) that act in a realistic fashion, the road is long, and multiplying the rig once it is ok is a pain. I was wondering if someone has some tips about an nice or easy way to rig a parachute with nice ropes movement and a realistic aerodynamic movement. I had of course viewed the most popular video about rigging a parachute but I don't think it is the best way for a swarm Any ideas will be a great help many thanks
  19. Hi Jed Can you explain how manually we can enter the value taken out from the result into (?) Do you think this works on curves too Best
  20. Thank you Jed, awesome refreshing improvements, thanks, I was on my way to ask you about that. Is it possible we can expand the control system to include the starting frame and the frame rate please Best
  21. Wow, thanks I have to stick with a real plane dimensions, that's why it is in KpH I think it works but I cannot find where I can input more than 500 kph, didn't find it inside the expressions. I will try to find out why Many thanks
  22. Of course I need the given speed to be in Km/H unit :)
  23. Hello I am designing a dogfight between jets. I want to give my planes a path but also a pre-defined speed so I don't have to animate their position on the path, I found out to calculate the speed via position velocity, but I want to pre-define that speed without caring much about assigning keys on the position If anyone has any ideas / plugins about planes flight rig I would be grateful Many thanks

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