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  1. Hey Everyone, I've built a "cube wall" that projects a separate image on the front and back of it. Using a Cloner, selection tags and a plain effector I'm able to flip the cubes 180 degrees to reveal the back image. I was able to get it to work when "fix textures" is set to off. However, when I set it to "straight", the back side doesn't show correctly once the effector animates and flips the cubes. Any ideas why? If there is a better way to do this, I'm all ears... but just wondering how to fix this situation by the pros! Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello, So I've run into a issue where I have a cube, in a cloner with about 100 clones. What I'm desiring to do is use a flat projection across all clones so it makes up one image. This is easy, but what if I want 6 different images created by all 6 sides of the cloned cubes. I'd like to rotate/flip to each different side of each cube revealing a separate image. How is this done?
  3. Yeah thats the issue, since its linear, it affects others that are anywhere in its path. So although each group is positioned in different areas of the scene, the linear path still hits some of them
  4. How would you have each group affected at different times? I'm using Linear for each one now.
  5. Yes each group has a motext object and fracture object with 3 shapes within it. If I use the same effector for all 5 groups, then all of them react at the same time and since each group is at different positions and animate at different times, I had to use multiple effectors. If there is a workaround this, I'm obviously all ears. I can try the set driver and see if that works. How do you set Set Driver for the entire Plain effector? I only know how to do it on separate parameters.
  6. I've found myself in this situation a lot and wondering if there is something I'm missing. I have a plain effector that is animating a single group of objects scale and rotation. I have 5 more groups that need animating so I set up 5 duplicate effectors and just moved them to the appropriate area where the groups are. Since I am using the same parameters in all of the duplicate plain effectors, is there a way to set up one of the effectors as a "master" so that you only have to change the parameters once?
  7. could you possibly provide an edited file with your technique? I don't think I understand it.
  8. Thanks. I think you're right, but what if I make the spline curved? Can you do a sweep or sweep-like effects using Motext?
  9. Hello all, I have a text object with a spline in a sweep object. Right now I have the growth of the sweep animating. I have 3 words/2 lines of text in the text object. Right now it animates the growth of all 3 words at the same time. Is there a way to animate each growth of each word separately? And furthermore, can you animate them using an effector at all? I've attached my file for reference. Any help appreciated. I'm sure this is an easy one I'm missing. NameText_2.c4d
  10. OK so if I changed the anti aliasing to best and did what you said (flat projection, UV 2D mapping) it seems much better. I'll keep tweaking it but thanks!
  11. Did all of that and the flat projection helped with scaling, but the noise still moves...
  12. Hey Cerbera, thanks for taking the time. When its rendered is when it happens. In the viewer while working it works fine. So maybe its just a rendering issue?
  13. Hello, This seems easy but I can't get it to work no matter how many tweaks I give it. I have a plane with a simple material applied to it. The material has a diffusion option selected, and within that I have a noise texture applied. I need the noise to stick/bake to the plane so that when it scales or moves, it looks like its apart of the plane. No matter what I tweak, the noise either moves/fuzzes/animates. I just need it to stick and not animate! Any help greatly appreciated. Here is the file I created for help: noiseTextureIssue.c4d
  14. I have a large cube, and a small cube both using the same plain effector that essentially rotates each cube. Falloff is set to Linear, and I animate the position of the effector (keyframed) to make it rotate. Is there a way to offset when the small cube uses the effector animation? Otherwise they both are animation at the same time since they are using the same effector and its animation. I realize I could just duplicate the effector and change the keyframes, but I'm trying to be as clean as possible in case I want many objects using the same effector.