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  1. Thanks, @nerv! I really appreciate the feedback, and I certainly see what you mean. I considered at first trying to create a more realistic scene, but ended up instead trying to reproduce the feel of the original. But I think I will try another approach -- maybe with another of Magritte's paintings. By the way, awesome work. Love the trippy texturing lately.
  2. Thought I'd finally contribute to this inspiring forum. The train is from turbosquid, the smoke in Houdini, and the original from Magritte. Rendered with Redshift. Any comments are very welcome. Thanks, and hope you like it!
  3. Nerv! So awesome you're doing this. Really appreciated. I'm relatively new to GPU rendering--started with Cycles4D (can't beat the price), quickly picked up a subscription to Octane, and then fell hard in the Redshift alpha. I found Cycles4D a bit unwieldy at first, though I was also intrigued with its capabilities. But Octane was just so easy, albeit with some help (thank you, InLifeThrill!). But renders looked good, without much effort. I got pretty comfortable with the Octane material nodes and I thought that I had it figured out. Enter Redshift. I'm not quite as comfortable with the material node system (haven't completely wrapped my head around it), but it flat out rocks. I pretty much check the alpha forums daily, and I'm so impressed with not only the progress of bug fixes and new features, but also the thoughtful responses to the testers and customers. I'll drop the $500 in a second (when the alpha ends). I'm not sure if I could work without it now. Truth is, I haven't given Cycles4D the love it deserves. And as for Octane: I'm at a breaking point with ORC. I have a project that I can't deliver, and I'm converting the scenes to Redshift at the moment. I'm afraid the love affair with Octane has soured. I feel like I have so much to say, but I'm on my second gin and tonic, and should probably drink some water. I'm currently working on a few projects with Redshift, and really looking forward to some feedback. Hopefully, I'll post in the next few days. Again, keep 'em coming!
  4. Redshift Tips & Tricks (Gif-Tips)

    Thanks for the thread on the Redshift forums, Merk. It's awesome. And Nerv's tutorials in the Cafe were super helpful to get started. I'd love to see more!
  5. I've only had a bit to mess around, but so far this is really great! Thank you. I've watched the overview video a few times, but is there any chance to get a tutorial?
  6. Interpolate Values Over Time

    Awesome. I'll take a look. Much appreciated!
  7. Interpolate Values Over Time

    Hi, Jed! Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it. (But the way, your tutorials are awesome. Please keep them up!) I suppose what I meant by "interpolate" was to average the degree rotation of the pointing null over time. So, the steering angle would be an average over time (say 15 frames) of the degree put out from the pointing null. The idea is that it would smooth out the header rotation of the steering angle, and therefore prevent the truck from jittering. But it appears that the corrections you made you have already fixed the jittering. In the spirit of learning, though, is there a way to average a value over time? (Like said, I'm just barely starting to wrap my head around using XPresso.) Also, why was it necessary to rotate the axis of the cab if the pointing null was following the target object? Again, thanks!
  8. I'm animating a semi rig with XPresso using dynamics. I've got the motors' Target Angular Speed driven by the distance to a target object running along a spline. There's also a null pointing to the target object that drives the Steering Angle of the Wheel Suspension. What I'd like to do is interpolate the values of the Steering Angle over, say, 10-15 frames. I think the rapid, though slight, variation in the angle is making the semi jiggle a bit. Here's my file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ir0521bmvk17zhn/semi_truck_animation_4.c4d?dl=0 I'm barely starting to wrap my head around Xpresso. I basically got the XPresso straight from C4D Jed: https://vimeo.com/115767918. Thanks much for the help!