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  1. I cannot get a grasp on the Phong Tag, or rather the odd Viewport rendering of the Phong Tag once in a while. I sometimes get a piece of geometry that has a horrible black shadow line across polys at the 'edge' of an object when rendering in the Viewports. I can't seem to adjust the parameters of the Tag to remove the horrible black shadow line. What can cause this? I try to Optimize points, etc...but it still persists. Deleting Tag and reapplying a new one does nothing. This sometimes helps if I've Imported some geometry[deleting tag/reapply]. This is from a Sphere Primitive set to Hemisphere then the Current State to Object for the polys to work with. This is from my Viewport, hopefully you can see the dark shadow line on the edge at the center of the cluster. 3 other hemispheres have no shading tag. Is this some setting of my Viewport perhaps?
  2. Ah...Thanks! I was doing 'Split', then Dissolve, then Delete. Gave me the separate Groupings. Took forever, especially on a large 2D array. This solution is much quicker and exactly what I needed; elegant even... Click, click, click, click, click; done. 5-click Solution FTW!
  3. Is there any way to break/separate a Plane object with multiple segments into multiple Polygon Groups? I'm trying to keep the UV mapping of each quadrangle of the entire Plane object without 'splitting' each individual grouping and deleting it to achieve the multiple parts of a whole. I've tried parenting a Shatter object and trying to create an object from it's current state. It definitely creates all the segments I need, but I can't seem to get them separated from the Plane object as individual objects.

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