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  1. Okay I think the real struggle then is how i add depth to the bottom section and extrude without overlapping the polygons.
  2. Unfortunately this didn't work for me, it would probably work if I didn't need the amount of thickness I do. The triangles make it difficult to work with and when I add the thickness with Cloth Surface it starts to overlap at the bottom of the box.
  3. That's an interesting approach I hadn't considered. Thanks! I'll give that a try and see how I get on.
  4. Yes I do. I need to update my version I'm on R20 Studio.
  5. Hi CBR, Thanks for the response. Edge flow has been a major issue so far and this has been really challenging when I thought it would be fairly simple. The thing to bear in mind is it needs to be a thicker version as if it's made of porcelain so with rounded edges slightly. This makes things a bit more challenging. Attached is my attempt in C4D and a small sketch of the topology. I couldn't find the exact box flattened but the one attached has the same idea. What I would like to achieve is a neater fold at the bottom of the pack. at the moment it extrudes too much like the top.
  6. Hi, im wondering if anyone hd has success modelling the fold around the side? I’ve tried a few techniques without much luck. I need it to have more thickness than the card shown here which makes things a bit trickier. Problem is it needs to be almost formed from folds rather than cuts as it’s a waterproof container. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Tom
  7. Does anyone know what's happened to the youtube channel? It's disappeared unfortunately.
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