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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  1. Export Alpha with shadow

    This should help:
  2. Simple Rig/ animate Astronaut

    Thanks both for the tips will start again with the model which is fine as I need the practice anyway. Good tip on fingers being spread Rectro will use that.
  3. Simple Rig/ animate Astronaut

    Thanks CBR, any thoughts on whether I should model in the pose first rather than start in the T pose. Also does it matter that I have rigged this before UV/sculpt/bake/rig? I assume you mean bake out to displacement maps rather than to geometry? T
  4. Hi All, Bit of a workflow question here, I'm looking to model/sculpt, rig and very slightly animate (Arms, hands, legs) an Astronaut for a short personal project. I have modelled the body already in a T pose and started the process of rigging but this is going very slowly due to my limited character/animation knowledge. Also I only have a mesh at the moment, not UV unwrapped or sculpted which I planned to do for creases of the suit. Is this a sensible workflow or am I missing some functions of cinema or other software (ZBrush)?. My plan was to rig/ UV/ sculpt it's going slowly though so I'm happy to scrap this and try a different way. By a different way I'm thinking I could have modelled the character in a pose closer to what will be mostly seen in the animation and then rig/ deformers for the slight movement needed from that point. Hopefully this makes sense basically I'm having problems rigging the suit and I'm wondering if I should have gone down a different route at the start. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Tom