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  1. 8 hours ago, ABMotion said:

    Aside from the suggestions from @natevplas above which are perfectly valid, if you do want sharper shadows from a Dome Light with an HDRI, you need to ensure the HDRI you're using is capable of producing them. That combination is producing realistic light and shadows, so your HDRI needs to be of a Sun and scene that would produce hard shadows of the type you want.


    As an example of an HDRI that produces sharp shadows, download from here (free - public domain): http://giantcowfilms.com/2015/11/23/hdr-morning-sun-winter/


    You'll see hard shadows produced. In particular, if you want to choose your own HDRI, make sure your HDRI is not only 8 bit, is HDR and not JPG etc. and ensure it has high white point in it for the Sun/Light. If you want the shadows closer to objects and less spread out acroos the Shadow Catcher, the HDRI needs to have the Sun placed higher in the scene.


    Basic example using the HDRI linked above with a Box, Plastic preset with 100% roughness, Disc as Shadow Catcher and Dome Light with white Back Plate Enabled, 512 Samples:




    thanks so much for this info. and is there any sample scene ? and please tell me how to use shadow pass of redshift in after effect or nuke ? which mode have to select subtract  or other ? and how to get two pass one for object without shadow and 2nd for only shadow pass without object ?

  2. I am Working on a outdoor match move scene . applied a matte shadow Catcher  material on floor  and for lights used  Dome light with outdoor HDRI but getting soft shadows on floor even i try high samples in HDRI samples value 4096. shadows are transparent. is there any way to fix this in post ? in composting ?  and how to use shadow pass of redshift in   composting ( mode =  subtract or multiply  ?) 


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