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  1. Not affecting child with atom array

    English is my first language - and I am a little lost. There is a 'Stop' tag that might be of use to you.
  2. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    You can stack booleans and put a bevel deformer at the top of the group to get some bevels. Cineversity has a bool tool that makes this a little easier. Its not as good as the other tools you mentioned - but its a start.
  3. Googly Eye Rig Thing Issue

    I haven't checked your file - but is this what you are trying to create?
  4. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    In the video it shows symmetry. Not sure how to turn it on though.
  5. Cinebench, cpus etc

    I'm at a loss on this front also - I upgraded to an SSD on my old MBP and downgraded the OS. My Cinebench improved immensely. (50% +) Are there background tasks? or any other operations going on?
  6. It is at the bottom of the character menu - Point Cache. Remember you can hit shift-c and search too. m