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  1. I haven't checked your file - but is this what you are trying to create?
  2. In the video it shows symmetry. Not sure how to turn it on though.
  3. I'm at a loss on this front also - I upgraded to an SSD on my old MBP and downgraded the OS. My Cinebench improved immensely. (50% +) Are there background tasks? or any other operations going on?
  4. It is at the bottom of the character menu - Point Cache. Remember you can hit shift-c and search too. m
  5. Hi, If you are able to upload a short sequence to I can do a test for you in Syntheyes and get back to you on Monday. Let me know how many shots you're needing in total too - if you can send through the mockup video that would be great. Matt
  6. In the attachment below I've used xpresso with radius, speed, direction and start offset. There are many ways to do what you want - my way isn't the simplest, however its always good to know of another technique. If you put the userdata in the xpresso node instead you could put this in your content browser as a preset to drag onto any object. I just updated the c4d file - so now you can put it on any object or in your content browser. The userdata is on the xpresso tag. Add a parent null to reposition the orbit. Orbit.c4d