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  1. Hi Guys & Girls I was playing around with the new cryptomatte implementation in Arnold, works pretty good, but it's hard to find extra information on the internet about it. Something that I was asking myself is what exactly does the crypto_asset pass do? I've read it renders the same matte for all objects, so what's the difference with a normal alpha channel? I do understand that crypto_material does mattes for each material and crypto_object does mattes based on objects like an ID pass. So, my main question is, can i somehow create cryptomatte "selections" with different object groups? Thanks
  2. Hey Rectro, thousand thanks, finally I got it by setting this settings, and using the clump option with and adjusted graph. These were my settings. Clumping the hair at max level only where they go through the gum was the key. And here is the final result. :)
  3. Thanks for taking your time to check it, indeed, what you mention makes things a bit better, but I still can't get rid of all the hairs that jump out.... Let's see if that hair maestro comes along :D
  4. Here is a scene file, if somebody wants to check it. Hair.zip
  5. Hi Guys! I have a little problem over here, I'm creating a few characters, one of them is a girl with pigtails. Both pigtails are tied with a hair gum. I have set up my hair guides as follows: As you can see, all guides go perfectly through the hair gum. The problem comes when I try to render, this happens with the hair on the back of her head: It seems like the hairs created between those pigtails are trying to interpolate between the guides on the left as well as on the right, creating that strange effect. As you may see, there are also hairs on the side that don't go through the gums. FYI there's nothing activted in the hair modifiers like kink, curl and all that stuff. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!!
  6. Hey Cerbera, thank you for taking time to think about it, I just found the solution in the help documentation. It's as easy as making all objects children of the instanced object, and choosing "Random" in the hierarchy drop-down.
  7. Hey Guys, I just ran into a problem: I'm creating a guy made out of pencils with a cloner and rigid bodies, something like this: Everything good until here, that's when the client requested the pencils not to be randomly placed, instead to follow a hair-like structure. Then I used hair, achieving something more like this: Alright, the problem comes when I instance my pencil onto this hair, I get always the same pencil. Does anyone know how I can instance different objects randomly onto this hair, or at least assign randomly different textures to this instances? Thank you beforehand guys!
  8. Hi Cerbera Thank you for the reply. Sadly, that's already the level of detail I found on other sites, so I think I'll finally go with a combination of this low-detail heightmap and some handpainting on top in PS. Anyway thank you for the Tip, that site is actually great, and the heightmaps are super easy to download.
  9. Hey Guys, I hope somebody can help me with a little task... I'm working on a project where I have to build a 3D model of one of the Canary Islands, called La Palma, with as much detail as I can. I've already searched all sites with geospatial data, NASA pictures, and all that stuff, but none of them reaches my desired level of detail. The only one I found is on a viewer, on a site of the government, which yes, has a decent amount of detail, but is useless to me since I need it in greyscale, and this is somehow color-coded ranging from green to red and white. Green means it's lower and white is the highest point. (See pic) So now, back to my question. Does anybody know how I can Remap this color ramp, to a greyscale Image? Maybe something like the colorama effect in AE, but inverted? Thank you guys, I'm looking forward to hearing your answers.



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