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  1. MSA

    Im talking in Australian dollars. Are you?
  2. How much to charge?

    I may have some freelance work coming up and I was wondering if I could get peoples opinions on what to charge. Its for a 30-45 second motion graphic. The person has said they would need a turn around in 24 hours. Is this realistic? I guess it would depend on what it involves but generally speaking. How much would you charge?
  3. MSA

    Aah man i hate the pressure from these companies to keep on paying them. I feel like a mug. I have so many softwares on my mac but I can't keep up with it all. That $800 is better off staying in my bank account towards a more financially secure future and if , and thats a very big if, at some point I begin to actually make some money back from all this stuff then perhaps I will be in a better position to buy it again but right now its too much of an ask. Out of all the software I use MAXON is the steepest in price and I dont feel its worth the money being as the majority of the time many of the features dont even work that well such as the particles. The marketing and hype makes it look way better than it is when it comes to performance. Id be happy to give them 300 - 400 a year but not 800.
  4. MSA

    thanks for all the comments. Ive decided Im def not gonna spend the money this year. I have so much to learn anyway that I could just use this version while Im learning for a few years and then if I end up using it more for work I will upgrade then. I have on more question. Do they make you pay full price to upgrade if you let it lapse beyond a a certain amount of versions?
  5. MSA

    If I dont pay my MSA how long do you think my current R18 version will last till it becomes an obsolete piece of trash? I just can't justify the $800 bucks this year. Its too much to keep forking out every year when Im barely making enough money to live on.
  6. c4dcafe wouldn't let me upload the file. Says its too big.
  7. Hey, yes I did read what you said and I appreciate your help. I did try increasing the subdivisions as suggested but anything over 6 levels and c4d becomes tediously slow. So I tried reducing the segments before I convert the object and this helped very slightly but still the results are not good.
  8. After a couple of years I have to say I mostly like a lot of things about C4D especially the mograph suite. However, Im quite disappointed in the performance of many of the features. My computer is well above the minimum requirements but I just seem to endlessly run into issues. My most recent problems have been with particles, dynamics and sculpting. C4D comes becomes so slow using these features that its pretty much impossible to get anything done. People say things like " c4d particles are notorious for being outdated bla bla" but I have to say that if MAXON are selling an outdated system that does not work properly then they shouldn't be charging the prices they charge. Why should people have to pay this much money only to find that they need to spend more on a separate particle plugin? If it doesnt work, fix it, get rid of it, or drop the hefty price tag. Cloth simulations are again such a chore to work with. Just making a curtain open the other day became such a tedious process that I gave up. The next problem I have is with the extract object from mask feature. Yes you can extract an object from a mask but its going look like a piece of sh__ and the so called "realtime preview" doesnt work. I had 8 levels of subdivision which caused C4D to crawl along at a snails pace. It became almost impossible to get the shape of the mask I wanted because of the lag and when I finally extracted it the results were disappointing to say the least. Another buggy over rated feature that doesnt do a good job of what its meant to do. The fix to this is to do a smooth flood but this does not fix the issue. It just covers it over and alters the shape of the object in an undesirable way. My MSA is due for renewal but Ive decided to not cough up the dough this year. I can survive on the version I have for a while. Why pay for more over rated features that dont do as they are marketed as doing.
  9. repeat tool

    Yes this is the video I have been watching. Its a great tutorial. You will notice when he does the object extract that he does not show the result close up but you can see that it is rough even from a distance. I have tried the smooth flood but you lose the original shape especially if you want hard geometrical edges etc.
  10. repeat tool

    I have to say Im kind of disappointed with a lot of features in c4d. They all seem to be great in theory but my computer doesnt seem to be able to cope with a lot of things. This is yet another feature thats impossible for me to use well because once the subdivisions get higher it slows to a screeching halt. Same with particles. Im using macbook pro 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 , 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB.
  11. repeat tool

    Thanks. And the realtime preview in extract object. Any idea why it doesnt work? once i go above 6 levels c4d as usual becomes laggy and unresponsive.
  12. repeat tool

    I already have 6 levels of subdivision. - 1130496 polys. Is flood smooth in sculpt settings? Any idea why the realtime preview doesnt work in the extract object settings?
  13. repeat tool

    i have been playing with the mask extract but getting really results. I have the falloff set to the default but as you can see in the image the result is all jagged and rough. Any idea why? Also the realtime preview in the extract object box that appears isn't working for me even though its checked
  14. repeat tool

    Hi there, Thank you yes I worked out the stencil thing. Shame you can't animate them on, that would be a great feature!
  15. repeat tool

    I have a couple of questions about the sculpt repeat tool. 1. some of the sculpt brush presets who I double click them do no load onto the stamp but instead go across the viewport as an image. Craters, fabrics and others do this. What is this about? 2. is there a way to animate the repeat tool so for a pattern to animate on such a a zipper appearing?