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  1. Watch this tutorial. It explains everything really clearly. He also has another one for if you're a c4d lite user. He has lots of great tuts. http://www.eyedesyn.com/tutorials/creating-line-art-animations-using-cinema-4ds-sketch-and-toon/
  2. Can someone please take a look at this and tell me what Im doing wrong with the lights because when I render it the shadows kind of flicker. I have keyframed the light to move over time but the shadows flick in the space of one frame at some points. Thanks Flicker shadow_V7.c4d
  3. Ok Im a newbie so Im not sure what you're saying. I know what GI is and Im not using that. But the other stuff I have no clue. IR ? QMC? Light mapping? Radiosity maps? Soz but no idea.
  4. Hi, can you not all me anything at all about what could possibly be causing the issue by looking at the video I attached? I dont think its a good idea to upload my clients files online.
  5. Im trying to render a project and Im getting all sorts of weird artefacts. I have an infinite light with raytraced shadows and the angles keyframed. And I had a camera move. But in the render the shadows flicker and jumps positions instead of moving slowly like it does in the perspective view. Also in the render settings in save>options should the kfps and keyframe every () be set to the same fps as my project? Please see short video attached of the shadow issue RENDER FLICKERv1.mp4
  6. Hi yes its works but the settings have been changed also. The sliders are turned way up. thanks
  7. Thanks Rectro and thanks also for the help with my other post re pose morph. There is so much to learn that I feel overwhelmed at times and unsure where to start.
  8. I can't find a tutorial explaining how to do a proper smooth morph from one letter into another. I can do with pose morph but it doesnt look that great because its not really morphing but just scaling one down and another up. I also had a look at EJ of eyedesign's tut where he uses matrix objects and tracer etc but it only seems to work on more cursive style text. I found one ages ago where they used hair and out looked amazing but I can't find now. Anyone can point me to a good tut?
  9. I just tried with it off and I still can't a see a jiggle
  10. ok thanks for the help
  11. Can someone please have a look at these two files and tell me why one jiggles and the other doesnt because I can't see any difference in the hierarchy or settings. Thanks posemorph.c4d Morph with jiggle.c4d
  12. wow its certainly not a very intuitive piece of software thats for sure. Um that kind of makes sense but why do you ned the two different coords tabs and what is the difference between them?
  13. This is really messing with my head. Firstly I dont understand what the difference is between the attributes coord tab and the the other pos, scale, rot tab below the viewer? I have a basic cube and I scale it down to 0 using the tab under viewer but when I hit apply the cube scales down but the numbers stay the same. So I enter 0 0 0 but the numbers stay 1 1 1. Then if I try to scale back up again and hit apply nothing happens? confusing If its on 1 and i change to 0 why does it stay on 1 ? does not make any sense Trying to use help menu to understand but dont even have a clue what to enter. If I enter scale I get hundreds of pages
  14. I have several elements in on but when I click unfold nothing happens. See like in this image from a tut Im watching.
  15. Ah ok thanks Didn't realise I had it selected but yep I did. How do I make various types of layer like a scene layer etc?