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  1. I ended up getting a new (well, refurbished) and more powerful video card, and all is working now. Either my old card wouldn't push r19, or it was starting to fail. Either way I am all good now. I'm excited to start using r19, fortunately, r18 is great so I haven't been dead in the water, but still it is nice to back up to speed.
  2. JTroy

    MAXON Announces Cineware for Illustrator

    This is super exciting for those of us who use C4D for print and graphic design!
  3. My R19 still isn't working. I discovered completely by accident that OSX Yosemite isn't supported, (and long story short, discovered I can upgrade to Sierra after all) so I upgraded and it still doesn't work. Not only can I not use R19, the new chinaware plugin for Illustrator doesn't work either. I will file another support request with MAXON. I never heard back last time, but maybe a second request will jog them to help figure out what is wrong. edit: I just updated my NVIDIA driver too. Didn't help.
  4. I have sent off a support request to MAXON. I will post again here once we figure out what the problem I am having is.
  5. It didn't crash for me. In fact it behaved as normally as R18 does.
  6. I'm having a weird problem with R19 I thought I would ask here before I contact MAXON in case I have a known issue or just need to adjust a setting. Every time I load content from the content browser, the object I load doesn't show up in the view port, and my interface acts like I am trying to move around a scene with a billion polys in it. The same objects load just fine in R18 and everything works fine there. I just tried it again so I could describe it better. In R19 I added a cube primitive and everything seemed to work fine. I gave it a texture (a regular one, not one of the fancy new ones) and it was still fine. Then I added an object from the content browser (the hydrant from the Studio objects) and not only did the hydrant not show up, the cube disappeared too and my viewport became unresponsive. R19 also won't work with scenes that are just opened by clicking on them (I tested using a free scene from The Pixel Lab that I know works in R18) rather than using the content browser. I have used R19 successfully with some Illustrator files and artSmart so some of it is working. It seems to just really dislike pre-textured objects. My system specs are: Yosemite 10.10.5 (it can't run anything newer) Mac Pro (Early 2009) 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ECC NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB I know its all a little old, but R18 works great and I mostly do still work, so with TeamRender I am usually in pretty good shape. R19 doesn't want to play along though. Am I having a known problem, or should I just go ahead and contact MAXON?
  7. JTroy

    Fracturing cube into smaller cubes

    I haven't had a reason to use the voronoi fracture yet, but all the demos I've seen say what you want to do is pretty easy. You just need to use a grid (If I recall correctly, the mograph matrix generator is the way to go) as your point source rather than the default point generator. Someone who has used the voronoi fracture will have to chime in with the actual mechanics of hooking all that up, but what you want to do is completely possible. I know you can learn how to do it on Cineversity, but if you don't have a membership there, some searching on vimeo or youtube should turn up a tutorial on how to use shapes and shaders rather than the default point cloud in the voronoi fracture.
  8. JTroy

    GreyscaleGorilla Drive

    As a 100% beginner the GS Drive product will be overkill. Watch a few of their weekly AskGSG broadcasts to get a feel for what they are like. Really fun, really valuable, and Chris is a great teacher, but you will be lost until you get some experience under your belt. They have a great intro course on their page here: https://greyscalegorilla.com/intro-to-cinema-4d/ that I really recommend. You get the basics of modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation all in one go. It is getting at tiny bit dated because the way reflections are done now is different, but otherwise it is still really solid. And again, Chris is a great teacher. He is completely responsible for getting me from beginner to intermediate/advanced. Some other tutorials I have recommended to my students are: http://www.motiontutorials.net/cinema4d-lite Nice combo of C4D and AE: http://www.mtmograph.com/summits/ Solid training aimed at…basic C4D skills and working with C4D in AE: http://angietaylor.co.uk/cinema-4d-lite-tutorials/ Also, if you have a subscription to Linda.com, there are some great intro courses there too. I haven't done the course here on c4dcafe, but do that too. The more people you learn from at the beginning the better! You'll know Drive is the right training for you when you get to the point where you can watch AskGSG and understand enough to be able to use whatever techniques they are using that week.