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  1. Wait... I updated manual of c4d and found that several articles, manual's scenes added and updated. Nice Especially like variable of output for Console out node. I thought that we have more variables, but one "@"
  2. Thank you! Thank you! ouch, I missed something like optimization, Simulation, a few modeling nodes like boolean or api to bring Carve(CSG) library to nodes or VDB toolkit to nodes
  3. Hello I do not care about apple event and their technology. But want to know any news for Neutron project in sp1?
  4. Hello Have you look at rectangular distribution or c4d content's grid? Put boolean(or any) data if compare colors in range of grid. Like compare alpha/no-alpha pixels. upd. also possible to split colors
  5. As mentioned by Srek
  6. Yes, it's from pySide2(QT5.x) example MAXON\R23\python37\libs\PySide2\examples\charts\donutbreakdown.py it will possible to work by installing of pyside2 module, by pip(c4dpy) or manually
  7. Hello What does mean? C4D can to create and dock QT widgets, along own GUI???
  8. or Array of Arrays (push right down arrow and watch at types) build, then append or write
  9. reminds me tuple (picture from TZ library, differential_line.c4d scene) or you can define type of IO in attribute's values in own group, too many types.
  10. Hi I tried latest update, it does not support Scene Nodes in R23
  11. Nextlimit stopped development of internal Reaflow plugin at max v.2018 or 2017 C4D or 3dparty for c4d are having fine development - tfd, x-p, own core particles....
  12. There is nice concept of nodes workflow and same tool for simulation workflow
  13. Hi. I'm following the change-log on the Git Hub. Thank you for position-based solutions as the cloth-solver, spline-dynamics solver
  14. Yeah! You are rock If will be possible who is product owner(-s) of Scene Nodes? Say them Big Thanks to developer(-s), at beta forum/desk/office Really it is nextGen of Xpresso (as i remember - S.Rath developed xpressionist, not sure)
  15. Hello Thank you (ouch, need to find time for c4d), i installed by mounting of folder, not by preferences


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