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  1. Hello Thank you (ouch, need to find time for c4d), i installed by mounting of folder, not by preferences
  2. Hello Thank you! UPD. Does Distribution Op to be new Cloner, aggregator for Distribution(groups and etc)?
  3. If anyone missed, the labs plugins were updated at labs.MAXON.net by the sdk support team. (to R23, python and c++). Big thanks to them. ScnNodes is alive
  4. Will be nice to make sub-category [1], i tried and c4d made in left panel of assets
  5. Here 011_hash_0001.zip (little chaos inside and convert your Dummy cross to Group)
  6. Playing with Hash node and FitRange(like key-framing) - i'm being closer to particles stuff raw test, 2 type: fill "cube"-like emitter and point-spreading emitter (i tried to drop at floor, gotcha point emitter) if build Array(Fill only) will filling by 10000 and more - my notebook freezes.
  7. Before start - look at at manual or download offline help next - look at course And and the scene is shown at gif/picture, needs only repeat or modify
  8. I read at one public, scene/game level designers are using Virtual Walkthrough
  9. Thank you. That's interesting! Let's to make basic mo-scene, new clonner + color change by time
  10. I remember old Little Brain or Crowd plug-in. And start to r&d about flow paths for crowd Switch to basic shading(fast) give nice fps (~3) Copy polysoup from mesh of char-object with mocap data
  11. I'm using driven-based trick to python node in xpresso for node-based material editor.
  12. Will be nice to see sdk for nodes(material/scene), maybe separate
  13. Hello Will be GUI for Linux version? There is testing of R23 and sdk tools at LUbuntu 18
  14. Thank you! (but want button back)
  15. Hello @Igor I'm using Firefox - i can not see Thanks button for admins. Please, add it to admin stuff
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