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  1. Before start - look at at manual or download offline help next - look at course And and the scene is shown at gif/picture, needs only repeat or modify
  2. Cool. Will be new form of GUI for nodes, for next builds of R23?
  3. I read at one public, scene/game level designers are using Virtual Walkthrough
  4. Thank you. That's interesting! Let's to make basic mo-scene, new clonner + color change by time
  5. Thank you! Great! One thing, when i will choose and change settings in your Group (k or inertia) - nothing. And display of Group is very strange, not like in my. Also i can not edit it in res.editor. R23.008
  6. I remember old Little Brain or Crowd plug-in. And start to r&d about flow paths for crowd Switch to basic shading(fast) give nice fps (~3) Copy polysoup from mesh of char-object with mocap data
  7. not, only several concepts which did not work as expected
  8. I'm using driven-based trick to python node in xpresso for node-based material editor.
  9. Will be nice to see sdk for nodes(material/scene), maybe separate
  10. Sorry, i did not convert Hmm, have you R19 or support of MAXON? will learn, i touch flow control nodes a little.
  11. Hello Will be GUI for Linux version? There is testing of R23 and sdk tools at LUbuntu 18
  12. Hello I'm trying to re-create Spring formula from old project of Aixsponza Their project Springforumla.zip old version of c4d. It's like Springy-Keys from Cactus Dan I do not understand how to make Delta, using memory for loop ... one of concepts:
  13. Thank you! (but want button back)
  14. Hello @Igor I'm using Firefox - i can not see Thanks button for admins. Please, add it to admin stuff
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