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  1. I hope that after buying of Redshift, MAXON will not let down this project. I would like to see scripting, looping, finding a nearest and of course c++
  2. I'm interested in beta test I tried UniFlex from Remotion. Something reminds me UniFlex
  3. Me shocked. RIP Cactus Dan. We are losing heroes. He brought alternatives to c4d char. tools or IO as fbx. He was and will be bright person!
  4. just for fun. and one of main features for r17 is hec4d. also i like re-meshing and vdb features of houdini
  5. HEC4D and houdini's cookie(booleans), very simple asset
  6. I made several attempts to contact with MAXON devs team [hey i'm not Tom Cruise and this not Mission Impossible], i found wall of silence. And probably we never get info and in fact -> A.Stompel left his project Physical/AR3 in c4d, he move to microsoft. MAXON live in own secret world. That's all. The end.
  7. theory: source: "eclat-digital's ocean light simulator 2014" ------------- Hard to say how it possible to apply to current physical or ar ... i knew several shaders which brought wavelength to c4d, but developer dropped it recommend to pass it and use cindigo, ocean, octane... if only new color picker of r17 with temp.in Kelvin?!

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