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  1. Started with a cylinder you say? will need to give that a try, just back from a weeks holidays and have 7 days to batter out something. I tried doing the swirl with a helix spline with a profiled curved shape and then modelled it from there, but it didn't work to well. I'll definitely give the cylinder a try!
  2. Wouldn't worry about being late to the party, I was 11 days behind when the email popped up in my gmail (thanks gmail *shakes fist*). I go on holiday next week, so I'll only have around a week, but hopefully I'll at least crack the complexity of the lid before the 30th!
  3. That's a really decent start and a fellow c4d user too! :D I had a few cracks at this last night, this is a tough one. Constantly thinking about it, even picked up someones protein shaker lid at work and started dissecting it. Did you model in the twirl or do you use something like a helix spline? If we're not allowed to talk about this stiff just say mods and I'll be silent :)
  4. This is something I'm going to have a crack at as I have my very own one at home :D
  5. No problems, I tried what you mentioned, but it didn't work, it caused the emitter to spin out of control and off the screen, spitting metablobs all over the place even with baking the dynamics. (with my version of C4D) As it stands the way I've got it set up via youtube vides works...the problem I'm having is there is no information that I can find on how to accommodate the intersection caused by using the metaball object. When it is turned off all the spheres sit on the plane as you'd expect and same when I fire them into a box. I've seen people mention using the margin section of the tag, but I don't really know how that works or how to apply it. I'm not looking for a perfect solution, but just a way to lesson the effect (if there is one). Thanks Mark
  6. Thanks Cerbera, It seems when this site was updated it removed what version I used.... Anyway, I'll try what you suggested and see if it works, thanks again. Mark
  7. Hi there, I've created an emitter throwing out spheres (in R16), and have place this in a Metaball and I've got my collider body tag on my plane and rigid body tag on my sphere. Everything is working how it should apart from the metaball particle splodge intersects the plane it lands on. I've also noticed when I aim it into an open box it intersects the walls. Is there a way to sort this? I've added my scene file for you to look at. Thanks in advance. Mud_test.c4d
  8. Step Effector

    Hey Goodomen, Thank you for the suggestion, I couldn't get it to work by making the falloff a V-shape (maybe I did it wrong). Instead I placed the Cloner in a null and added Symmetry to the null, which seemed to do the trick with a bit of tweaking. For anyone interest in this thread I've attacked a screenshot of the final outcome. Thanks Mark
  9. Hello, Is there a ways to mirror a step effectors effect? In the image I've supplied I have a basic cube that has been cloned using the cloner object and then I've used a step effector to taper the right end. The problem is that on the left end the effect is revered. Is there a way to have both ends the same without making my cloner editable and doing it manually? Thanks, Mark