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  1. daddycoull

    Spring Object

    Ah thanks, I was using the damping on the dynamic spring, instead of the linear damping on the rigid body tag under the force tab on the cube that was being hit. It worked, cube stops moving after a while, thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi there, Previous in another forum I've managed to rag doll a posed character rig from mixamo using dynamic connectors and dynamic tags. I'm now looking to see if it is possible to use a dynamic spring object to add a spring action to say the characters head? i.e if a ball hit it it would spring back into place? First time I've ever used c4d dynamic spring so still getting my head around it, but I've attached a concept c4d file to look at. My 2nd question is is there a way to make the spring stop? as currently it just keeps moving. Thanks in advance, Mark Spring Dynamics test.c4d
  3. daddycoull

    Dynamic Connector

    Hi Everfresh, Ignore my reply, I managed to find a forum post from 4 years ago on here about how some guy did it, I was unable to download his c4d file, but had enough knowledge of creating a rag doll and rigging to successful apply his information contained in his forum post. It works! Needs refinement, but it works.
  4. daddycoull

    Dynamic Connector

    Is the last part possible if the model is made of 1 mesh?
  5. daddycoull

    Dynamic Connector

    Thanks Everfresh, I'll look into trying that then :)
  6. Hey, So i did the rag doll tutorial from Rate my Funeral, which was a nice introduction to the dynamic connectors. My question is, is it possible to apply the same technique to a character rig? and how would you go about it seeing as the bone structure has a hierarchy? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi there, My work has me looking at MoCap from Mixamo using one of our basic characters. I've made an animation sequence using 3 Mixamo animation rigs and have blended them together. I've managed to keyframe correct any weird hand or feet movements, such as slipping/clipping etc. The problem I'm having is I seem to be unable to rotate the leg to correct a really annoying foot turn (due to the blending of a walk and a trip). I selected the top joint of the leg hierarchy and thus selected all the appropriate joints attached to it. I create a keyframe at the start of the animation as stated in the tutorial I was following, and then I rotate the leg at the point it start to rotate to correct it and create a keyframe. I find once I press either F or G to move back and forth the leg just jumps back to its original position. Help?:D The annoying foot turn starts at frame 23 until frame 28. Thanks in advance MoCap_Man.c4d.zip
  8. daddycoull

    Add Walk Question

    Ah cool, only using CMotion because quite a large portion of the tutorials I've looked at use it. I can look at rigging it up using the joint tool in c4d.
  9. daddycoull

    Add Walk Question

    Hey thanks for the reply, I've uploaded the scene file for you :) 3D_Character_C4DCafe.c4d
  10. daddycoull

    Weighting Clothes

    Thanks for that tip, sounds quite interesting!
  11. daddycoull

    Weighting Clothes

    Yeah my eyes are separate I watched a tut that showed me how to make them follow the head, without actually making them part of the mesh.
  12. daddycoull

    Weighting Clothes

    Ok cool I'll do that then, I've multiple copies, so I don't lose anything from making it all one mesh to try this out.
  13. daddycoull

    Weighting Clothes

    Now that I've deleted the body areas that were hidden by the clothing, is it best practice to make the parts all one mesh? or to leave the pieces separate? (see attached)
  14. daddycoull

    Weighting Clothes

    Ah I see, that makes good sense! Thanks for the replies :)
  15. Hi there, So I created 'Clothes' for my character (see attachment) these just sit over the character model I created. What's the right way to approach weighting these? Thanks in advance,