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  1. bump, Any idea why at frame 0 there are particles shown (Scene file included) when I render frame 0? Thanks,
  2. No those are both at 0. I'll upload the scene file for you. Water_Jet_R&D.c4d
  3. I'm use a PStorm emitter, sure I'll post the xpresso for you.
  4. Been doing some thinking particles R&D, while I've grasped the basics of creating an emitters, particles, gravity and deflectors etc. I can't figure out why the particles start where they are shown (when the timeline is at 0) in the uploaded image? Any thoughts? Thanks Edit: Added my scene file. Water_Jet_R&D.c4d
  5. Ah thanks for this, I tried psr, but never thought of clamp!
  6. Ah yeah I forgot to mention what I was trying to do, when the pipe bends I'm wanting the particles to come out of the pipe end.
  7. Hello, I created a tube and added a particle emitter to it, so when the tube rotates the emitter follows, my problem arises when I add a bend deformer, the tube bends but the particle emitter doesn't move, but here's the weird thing when I play the playback the tube bends and particles fall out of the tube, but when I stop the playback they then scatter everywhere and start to stream along the x-axis instead of the y during the playback. Is there a way to get this to work? Thanks Particle Emitter_C4dcafe.c4d
  8. Hey everyone thanks for the suggestions, I actually found this: I thought it might be applicable to what I'm trying to achieve and it worked! This is what I did. Inside a Null I placed my vest and a skin object, I then made the Null a child of the Chest bone. Then on the vest I added a weight tag. I double clicked on the weight tag and under the joints tab I dragged in the chest, L_shoulder and R_shoulder bones. Then under the options tab I then painted the weight for each bone. Happy days!
  9. My work bought some pre-rigged character models for c4d. It seems all pretty straight forward, The issue I'm having is, I've attached a high viz vest to the model. It's a child of the chest bone atm so when the character moves it sticks and moves with it. (all good so far). The problem lies when I need to make the character shrug. When the shoulders move up they cut through the vest (due to it not following them). What's the best practice to fix this and make the geometry of the vest follow the shoulders? I've looked at cloth tags and soft body, but my computer is a potato so the dynamics on such a high mesh model is causing it to die a small death! Due to it being my works property and for a client I can't upload the model, but I can supply screenshots of the rig/model if needed. Thanks
  10. Fixed the wonkiness, just turned off the Aim constraint then sorted the elbow and turned it back on, seemed to sort it. Maybe a bug of R16? dunno, but yay finally!
  11. I did it! >.< Butttt the red part is a little wonky!!! so close. Any idea why? To make this work I watch the video of the lamp rigging closely and realised I had to change the pivot point of the elbow (red part) so that it rotates at the point where it meets Arm 1 (green part). I also changed the order so it becomes a child of Arm 1. I then added a PSR constraint to Arm 1 copying the position of the base (black part). I then created a Null (Elbow Rotation Null) and placed it at the end of Arm 2 (Yellow part) where it joins the Elbow. I then added a Aim constraint to the Elbow and made it aim at the Null. I had to tweak the offset and although it's slightly wonky it works and does as intended. (small win!). But as my question above is there a way to sort this wonkiness? I've attached an updated file and screenshot. C4D_Rigged Cherry Picker2.c4d
  12. Looks great and moves exactly how that type of watch should. The jittering I believe is to do with your system dynamics. Command + D (mac) then under the dynamics tab > Expert tab. From there up your Steps per frame and/or up your maximum solver iterations per step. See if this help? You could also try caching your dynamics? I may be wrong so hopefully some jumps in to correct me.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to create that, that's kind what I had set up, but instead of 1 controller controlling all 3 arms, I have 1 controller for each arm. Forgetting all the other bits and concentrating on the section in the images uploaded, what am I missing that connects the two parts highlighted by the red circle, but still allows the red part to rotate at the point where the yellow dot is? (see attached image).
  14. aye I see what you mean woops! Forgetting all the other bits and concentrating on the section in the images uploaded, what am I missing that connects the two parts highlighted by the red circle, but still allows the red part to rotate at the point where the yellow dot is?

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