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  1. I've sorted it myself it seems the xpresso I had for moving my forklift was clashing with the constraint, once I baked the expresso animation it fixed the jumping problems I was having. Sorry for the waste of thread. Feel free to remove, unless you think it would help someone in future.
  2. Hi there, I have this forklift picking up this palette. I've hand animated the palette being picked up, but at frame 760 I would like the palette to stick to the forklift forks and follow the forklift as it moves away. For some reason I can't get this to work using a constraint tag, I want it animated off before frame 760 and then on after frame 760 so the palette stays with the forklift. What am I doing wrong? I've uploaded the file. Thanks, EDIT: I've managed to do what I want in its most basic form, but for my file it just keeps jumping all over the place. Have uploaded that too. c4dcafe_constraint problem.c4d.zip Basic concept.c4d
  3. It worked, cheers would never of thought of animating the scale!
  4. Thanks I'll give that a try, was worried someone was going to say something like this! On the upside my work has ordered new pcs and have said they'll sub to the new cinema 4d subscriptions so I'll finally be using an up-to-date c4d (r21).
  5. Hi there, I have an animation of a forklift picking up a palette and for speed I used a display tag animating the visibility for the palette that gets picked and and a palette that is already in position on the forklifts forks. This obviously works great for inside c4d. The problem is when it comes to exporting my scene as an .fbx (for use in sketchfab). The tags don't work so the palette is visible on the forklift before it has even picked it up. Can you bake the display tag, like expresso etc? Or is there a better way to animate the visibility that would allow it to transfer to .fbx? Thanks,
  6. Ah yeah I see what you mean, @ frame 700 I had it at 0.5% instead of 0, which fixes it. Great thanks for the help again!
  7. @jed On closer inspection I'm getting a weird jump between frame 699 and 700 (when it changes from Path 1 to Path 2), but there isn't the same from when it changes from path 2 to path 3. Are the splines I'm using not aligned or correct enough? I've uploaded the file Thanks c4d_help.c4d.zip
  8. Ah didn't realise you could chain conditions, the less elegant one work! Thanks again @jed
  9. Thanks for this Jed, I still have this from the last time you helped me and have been using it since. The reason the wheels were not turning was because this was being use for some quick and dirty augmented reality, but now that I've seen the wheels turn I think I'll go back and fix it haha. I've actually just posted an xpresso question in another section that hopefully you could help with
  10. Hi there, I'm re-using expresso a member @jed helped me with earlier this year, where an object following a spline path switches to another. In the example they helped me with it was a truck turning a corner then reversing. I now have a new situation where I'm looking into using it for a forklift. The scenario is the forklift moves to a position picks something up, reverses then moves back in the direction it came from. The first two movements I've managed using the previous expresso mentioned above. The problem is that there is a 3rd movement added into the equation. I tried cracking it myself and failed haha. I've attached the xpresso, the top section was my failed attempt at trying to crack it! Thanks!
  11. Ah thanks for the help, you forgot to upload the file
  12. Ah thanks, this might shed some light on the picking up of the palette.
  13. Hi there, I'm a bit stuck on how to finish this animation, I currently have a forklift following a spline path via the tag align to spline. It moves to a specific area, and picks up a palette, I've animated the palette on an align to spline to as I was having problems with using a constraint tag. The problem I'm having is once the forklift truck arrives at the specific location and picks up the palette, I need it to basically reverse slightly in the opposite direction then move back in the direction it came from (I hope that makes sense haha). So basically I'm asking what the best way to tackle this would be? Thank, Mark Forklift_c4dcafe.c4d.zip
  14. bump, Any idea why at frame 0 there are particles shown (Scene file included) when I render frame 0? Thanks,
  15. No those are both at 0. I'll upload the scene file for you. Water_Jet_R&D.c4d

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