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  1. I quite like the new direction, although in my browser I wish the column was just a "little" bit wider but not a major. Also a suggestion is to maybe move "who's online & member statistics" down a bit so it sits below "latest topics/comments/jobs". I also wonder if the header could be tidied up eg: menu siting next to cafe logo, search as an icon only, advertising centered etc... But like where its heading :)
  2. Hiya, I'm running 20.059 and it seems to be working fine for me, when I hit play the audio plays fine and when scrubbing (or hitting "G" to move through the frames) everything syncing properly. I'm using .wav files output from AE, creating a null in C4D and then adding the sound track to the null to load the audio. Here's a sample file to test on your system/c4d version. Cheers, J. Audio_Test.zip
  3. Hi, probably heaps of ways to do this but a few you could try is... Go into the noise settings and change "Space" to "UV (2D)" Or another way is... Set the "Length V" back to 100% on the texture tag. Then in the noise settings - Set "Space" to "Texture" and then change "relative scale" Y axis (2nd input) set to %5000
  4. Yay! Updater in R19 worked well. Are there any installation instructions so I can install into R20? Cheers, J.
  5. Hi everyone, Might be a noob question but I was wondering if anyone knew how to get motion blur working with X-Particles (V4) with the "Physical" renderer, being a new user of X-Particles I've followed the water helix tutorial: I've cached my particles and meshed them and everything is looking great in both viewport and picture viewer when I render, except when I tick motion blur it doesnt seem to work. In the physical render settings I've ensured motion & deformation subdivisions is set to 4 and long shutter speed in my camera settings. If you need to see an open file let me know and I'll upload a stripped back scene (without the cached particles) Cheers, JL
  6. Great thanks ABMotion, that seemed to work.
  7. Hi, I usually animate simple cartoon characters eyes blinking using the Display tag (visibility 100% to 0% and so on - see example frame 105 to 107), for some reason it doesn't seem to be working anymore, however if I untick motion blur in the render settings it works but I need motion blur turned on. I have also tried a work around key-framing visible in editor/renderer but it still doesnt seem to be working (frames 93 to 95). I'm hoping its just something really obvious I'm missing? I have stripped my scene file right back to the bare items too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jody Eye blink example.zip
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