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  1. Very happy I just saw this too! Absolute legend!
  2. Just an update on this post as I found a solution. I was able to clear the warnings Redshift was giving me in the Feedback Display about invalid geometry. It turns out the "code" it generates refers to the point number on the model, so go to "Structure", set it to "points mode", select the number thats in the error in and then hit "U - O" to optimise it - nothing appears to happen but the error goes away. I found that I had to do this rather than applying optimise to the whole model, checking normals etc... as that didnt get rid of the error - odd but seemed to work for me. Cheers, Jody
  3. Just checked my refraction pass and its completely black so thinking its not refraction now
  4. Hi Dan, Sorry I didnt mention I'm rendering via render farm and for some reason when I render locally it seems to look fine to me (but then I'm only rendering locally one or two frames here and there to ensure eveything is fine). I just did a quick AOV test and the noisiest pass was "Specular lighting", not to the degree of the splotches from the render farm but maybe its that, if so which over ride do you think I need to push up to refine Specular lighting? I cant share the file unfortunately as the clients product isnt public yet but I've striped it right down to basic cubes using the materials from my file, plus you can see my settings for Redshift. I'm using RS 2.6.53 in C4D R20. I havent tried upping refraction so maybe thats it also? Cheers, Jody Test file.c4d
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had seen this happen before, I seem to be getting some dark splotches appearing in the shadows of my renders (I've circled in red). I've tried raising the below settings higher (doubling them) to see if that helps but it didnt... Unified samples: 4min 512max Error threshold 0.002 Sample overides: Reflection = 512 Light 256 GI: Brute force (primary & secondary) , bounces 2x, Rays 512 Its weird it only happens in the really dark shadows. The materials arent anything out of the ordinary either, just diffuse colours with reflection and a dome light. Unfortunately I cant share the scene file so have attached an example of whats happening. Cheers, Jody
  6. Thanks to everyone who's replied, I really do appreciate and value your feedback and this has helped me a lot. I'm in the process of liasing with one of the online render farms to double check that my renders will proceed even with with these 2 warnings. I will post my result here in case anyone else has the same warnings. Cheers, Jody
  7. Thanks for the quick reply Cerbera, the invalid normals is a bit strange, I've been quite careful in my workflows to ensure all normals are correct so theres no ugly patches. In reguards to the Invalid geometry warning I think I need to look more into it and define why some objects are producing it, maybe if I can reduce a file down or extract a piece I can share that's not client specific - will have a look. I think that's a good idea doing a test for a few frames on one of the farms, I really want to make sure my previous workflow using Physical is going to work ok with Redshift. Will keep you posted. Cheers, Jody
  8. Hi, I've been testing out the Redshift demo and before committing to purchasing it I was wondering if I could get some advice? Some clients supply CAD files for me to import, texture, animate and render and I usually do this using the C4D physical renderer (over night or via online renderfarm). Converting some of my old files from C4D physical renderer to do a test render in Redshift a feedback display window pops up with a few warnings (Warnings: "invalid normals" and "some invalid geometry"), however I'm able to finish the render without any problems and it looks fine. My main concern is if I ever need to render a larger animation online using a GPU render farm for Redshift, will these warnings stop the render from proceeding or are they simply warnings that I need to be aware of? Some of the files I'm testing had previously been rendered on an online render farm using Physical render without any hitches but will Redshift allow me to do the same even if these warnings appear. Cheers, Jody
  9. I quite like the new direction, although in my browser I wish the column was just a "little" bit wider but not a major. Also a suggestion is to maybe move "who's online & member statistics" down a bit so it sits below "latest topics/comments/jobs". I also wonder if the header could be tidied up eg: menu siting next to cafe logo, search as an icon only, advertising centered etc... But like where its heading :)
  10. Hiya, I'm running 20.059 and it seems to be working fine for me, when I hit play the audio plays fine and when scrubbing (or hitting "G" to move through the frames) everything syncing properly. I'm using .wav files output from AE, creating a null in C4D and then adding the sound track to the null to load the audio. Here's a sample file to test on your system/c4d version. Cheers, J. Audio_Test.zip
  11. Hi, probably heaps of ways to do this but a few you could try is... Go into the noise settings and change "Space" to "UV (2D)" Or another way is... Set the "Length V" back to 100% on the texture tag. Then in the noise settings - Set "Space" to "Texture" and then change "relative scale" Y axis (2nd input) set to %5000
  12. Yay! Updater in R19 worked well. Are there any installation instructions so I can install into R20? Cheers, J.
  13. Hi everyone, Might be a noob question but I was wondering if anyone knew how to get motion blur working with X-Particles (V4) with the "Physical" renderer, being a new user of X-Particles I've followed the water helix tutorial: I've cached my particles and meshed them and everything is looking great in both viewport and picture viewer when I render, except when I tick motion blur it doesnt seem to work. In the physical render settings I've ensured motion & deformation subdivisions is set to 4 and long shutter speed in my camera settings. If you need to see an open file let me know and I'll upload a stripped back scene (without the cached particles) Cheers, JL
  14. Great thanks ABMotion, that seemed to work.
  15. Hi, I usually animate simple cartoon characters eyes blinking using the Display tag (visibility 100% to 0% and so on - see example frame 105 to 107), for some reason it doesn't seem to be working anymore, however if I untick motion blur in the render settings it works but I need motion blur turned on. I have also tried a work around key-framing visible in editor/renderer but it still doesnt seem to be working (frames 93 to 95). I'm hoping its just something really obvious I'm missing? I have stripped my scene file right back to the bare items too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jody Eye blink example.zip
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