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  1. Hi thank you for your reply. You have helped me find out what it was. Cleaning up my scene made the simulation a lot faster. It was the Back Up null which contained items which had a redundant soft body tags. For some reason even if it was off in the Layer editor it was still doing the simulations, which slowed it down. Thank you for your help. I have uploaded the file without the back up null for proof of concept. Pop Explosion_update.c4d
  2. Hi, I am currently having major problems regarding softbody dynamics and I am struggling to sort it out. I have some objects which I have created from cubes. When I run the simulation they are very slow and lose there shape very quickly. I have tried increasing structure to 6000 to changing the collision shape to moving mesh. Hope someone can help. Cheers, Ashley Pop Explosion.c4d
  3. Sofa CG test

    This looks very nice. I was wondering how you created the creases, did you sculpt them? Cheers