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  1. Thank you for your replies! Apparently this model was created as basis to put together the actual satellite. This was exported to a .DAE file which made the polygons go bezerk when I opened in C4D. After another day of melting and deleting small elements that cannot be rendered by AR, I exported it as an FBX file, opened it in blender, and decimated the polygons. Loaded it in the AR app and it kinda worked but was opening slow. I suggested that making a new model was easier if only the client can identify the parts which are really necessary. Turn of events - After so much work, client called to dumb the model down in AR. Client thought that they were sharing so much information with the hyper detailed model. I was like "***!". Below is the model made in C4D, but processed in blender to be exported as glTF/glb and usdz. Spent 4 days in fixing their model. The new one took 5hrs including the file exports. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi everyone, it is my 3rd day manually melting or deleting meshes from a hyper detailed model I received from a client. To begin with, the file is in .DAE and has 4741 objects when I opened it in C4D. The model was made as a foundation of the machine, all components to the tiniest screws and bolt and bushings are in the model. Faces have been triangulated resulting to 1.7million polygons. My project is to prepare the model for an AR app. FBX limits polygons to 600k, I managed to reduce the number of objects down to 13. I attached screenshots of the model. Polygon reduction doesn't work that much, I tried optimize and untriangulation. I ended up manually selecting small objects that will not be rendered in AR. I also searched this forum and tried suggestions. If there are any solutions to do it faster. I would be really appreciative for giving me the answer and I can breathe easily. Thank you all and wish you all the best.
  3. hello everyone! I am Lester Neil from Dubai, been a member since 2015 when I started using C4D. My usage has been on and off since my main job focus more on shooting & editing. Cinema 4D has been always the "icing on the cupcake". I want to thank everyone in group, this is my foremost resource page if I run into challenges. Now, I will post my first question on the forum page. Thank you again and stay safe everyone!
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