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  1. Thanks for the reply Hrvoje... I thought I had tried the Auto Init option last night, but it was late and maybe I imagined it while falling asleep. Yes that worked! Thanks for the fix! Andy
  2. Is this a known bug or limitation? Here's what's happening: 1. I've got an editable polygon object, kind of a ring shape, I do a bunch of point level animation, moving points around, lots of keyframes, resulting in lots of fine detail movement on the surface. 2. Now I want to create some broad but specific deforming animation to the overall object. An FFD works, the PLA is still happening, but the cube shaped FFD doesn't give me much control on the ring shaped object. 3. So a Mesh Deformer is perfect for this, gives me the control I want, but the PLA has gone away, the po
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