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  1. I have gone through the first part of the training and it was very informative. I have also reviewed some of the added training which was about 12 hours of added content if I remember correctly. The degree of professionalism is very high in it production. The content is very well explained by an individual that Insydium relied upon to demo their product at the MAXON booth this year at NAB.
  2. Odd Issue with Alpha Channel in Arnold

    You might want to check this out. Similar question on the forum: https://answers.arnoldrenderer.com/questions/4125/decal-workflow.html Steve
  3. I would concur with the purchase from Puget Systems https://www.pugetsystems.com/ as I have gotten my last 3 systems from them and no problems with any of them.
  4. Sorry for the size I didn't realize how small it transferred.
  5. Here is the system that I used for CPU & GPU rendering and arnold performs well as does both octane and redshift.
  6. Cineversity: Anyone Having Tech Issues?

    Just got through using it and no issues.
  7. C4D Cafe Support Club

    Let me know the details for becoming a member. I have learn a lot and it is good time for pay back. Steve