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  1. Hey, Sorry, I know it's been discussed too many times. Thought having it in Newbie section won't hurt a fly. My question is about whether it is possible to time keyframes and paths in C4D as it's done in AE? So that timing & easing wouldn't affect the path of animation. I know it's been discussed many times before, still I've been unable to find any suitable solution other than just getting used to the 3-axis system, "follow spline" tag and Time track. None of them do it for me, especially when I'd like to animate a more complex, rigged character for example. This keeps me thinking why isn't there a plugin for animators coming from After Effects. C4D timeline window even has a velocity view, which sort of helps me, but still leaves me with the question. I'd like to leave here a couple of examples which I find difficult to solve with Cinema 4D keyframes: 1 is more complex path where I'd like it to begin with ease in and end with ease out 2 is a simple arc with strong ease in out which I find difficult to do with axis keyframes I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on it and if you have any other solutions. AfterEffectsStyleKeyframing.c4d
  2. What a great discovery. Spline works with Soft Body tags and its Margin! Thanks! Here's the needed result:
  3. Sorry for the version mystery. I have 18. Thank you for quick answers! I'll try out the Soft Body option. Tangled non-intersecting mess is what I'm looking for. I'm not too familiar with hair objects. Can it generate a sort of object-shaped hair mass as well? Because I'm trying to make a one-spline-tangle.
  4. I'm looking for a way to fill an object with spline noise without overlapping any other part of the same spline. I found this example but I'm unable to recreate it: https://support.solidangle.com/display/AFCUG/Splines?preview=/19204820/19400088/renderingCurves_mode_thick.jpg Hope you can help.

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