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  1. Thank you, this is good to know! I suppose if I ever really need it in future I can just try a fresh uninstall/install of C4D?
  2. Thanks. I deleted the library but now I can't see the option to re-download it in the Updates window. Just thinking about the future in case I want to re-download it. Thanks!
  3. I installed the "Content Library - Studio". Can I delete it? And can I re-install it in future? I'm on a Mac. Thanks!
  4. Hi. Is there a way to control how rigid a MoSpline is? Essentially how much a Wind Effector will affect it? Thanks!
  5. Ah, sorry for using the wrong abbreviation, my bad! Thanks again for all your help.
  6. When I said I didn't see a difference with the AA, I meant that having it turned on didn't seem to slow down the rendering. But the SAT really does. If I turn off SAT the render is about 1 second per frame as opposed to 4 or 5. So I'd love to be able to find a way to put a stroke (like you would in Photoshop for example) around a few simple cylindrical objects without using SAT. At the moment I have Sketch Tags applied to about 8 cylinders with Lines set to Folds in order to achieve this effect. I thought about trying to achieve it with Atom Array, do you think that would work? I think the problem is that using SAT relies on single core processing, so it makes having all these cores in this machine a bit useless. When SAT is off it looks like all the cores are being used pretty flat out.
  7. Also Cerbera, I didn't really notice a massive difference when disabling AA completely. When I enabled Gauss (Animation) under Filter, everything looked too blurry, I think because this animation is so slow moving it's essentially a still image a lot of the time? I also had to use a compositing tag to lower the AA threshold on a few objects as they were getting "swimming/fizzling" pixels. Is this a bad move and is there a way I could negate the need for AA, perhaps my Photoshop textures are too large (I'm not sure if that's relevant)?
  8. If I don't bake, can I stop rendering, work on other projects, then carry on rendering this project at a later time? All on one machine. Disabling SAT takes render time per frame from 4 seconds to 1 second. Surely I'm not going to get any better than that, even with dynamics turned off completely etc? Like you say, 18000 frames is a lot and I know I'm going to be looking at a lot of render hours for this scene, I just don't want to be doing anything really silly. All I'm using SAT for is to add a bit of a stroke around a couple of the stems (I didn't think this would be so computationally intensive, perhaps I've set that up wrong?). Is there a less intensive way of achieving what I'm after?
  9. Thanks so much Cerbera, that's a really helpful reply. I can play with lowering the AA, and removing sketch. It's good to know that none of my settings are massively wrong. If ~24 hours render time is the expected norm for this scene, then I can live with it. Should I be looking at baking anything? EDIT: Just saw your line saying that baking would make no difference. Cheers. What about if I need to render this in chunks, or over multiple machines?
  10. Thanks jed. They're averaging about 4 fps for me. I'm just trying to work out if there's anything I can do to speed things up, and whether baking all the dynamics would help etc.
  11. Thanks so much. Scene file here. System is iMac Pro, 3GHz Xeon, 10 core. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OGrrnPcw8tFir8A5yDyH09HRvN-Xl0o1/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hi I'm new to C4D and I think I may have badly optimised an animation. It's a main form made from splines with primitives wrapped to the splines with spline wrap. These are connected together with Align to Spline. The primitives have collider bodies. The splines have spline dynamics for subtle movement. There are subtle Turbulence and Wind generators to make things move about a bit. Then, there are lots of simple objects inside very simple Mesh cages with Soft Body enabled. These fall down and flip around in the wind. All the textures are very simple, mostly just using Color and Alpha. Few lights. This plays out repeatedly for ten minutes. When I go to render it takes about 24 hours. Have I missed something obvious? Is it this slow because I haven't cached the dynamics? When I started to cache the dynamics it looked like it was going to take forever so I stopped. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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