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  1. Ahh. You are brilliant. Can't thank you enough. Thank you so much. Best, A
  2. Hi, Firstly, apologies if this seems like a simple problem, but i'm a graphic designer who is using Cinema 4d to create designs, so i'm experience in cinema 4d isn't very deep, as it were. Recently I followed a very brief tutorial on how to build a basic traffic system using mograph with dynamics and a random effector. which is animated along a spline. However. I'm trying to create a seamless looping animation gif but I can seem to find an option in the mograph to control at which point the mographs repeats / restarts the animation. Hope this makes sense. I'd greatly appreciate if someone could help out. Additionally, i'm unable to to upload screenshots of the control atm for some reason - happy to post the file if that's easier? https://imgur.com/a/yGEpDkc



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