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  1. Fishing boat Scene

    really nice! love the contrast you've added in the updated image between the brightly lit boat and the dark, almost jelly-like water. there's something not sitting quite right with me about the wooden texture at the bottom. maybe it's slightly too light or something? drawing the eye a bit too much? could very well just be me though, feel free to ignore ;) i really like the top-heavy, dinky/chunky dimensions on your boat too. how did you do the water by way? it's great!
  2. Create Faces between existing Vertices

    bridge tool in point mode should work (M-B shortcut). Click and drag from point to point to create polys - shout up if that doesn't solve your problem! Cheers -f
  3. x2 on Richard Williams' book. What that doesn't teach about animation ain't worth knowing! I stumbled across this channel on Youtube the other day which might be useful to you. Whilst it's not C4D there's some nice simple explanation of animation principles in there - and most, if not all, of the information can be translated into C4D: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4oFFjKQKHj_fCOkBLH61w Good luck!
  4. 5 minute cartoon

    five minute cartoon? five minutes? who the heck is gonna have the time to watch a whole flippin' five... oh, wait, it's over? okay, maybe just one more play then... That was brilliant, love it. The look is fantastic, as everyone says, but it was the super-cute animation on the baby trucks that did it for me. Lovely stuff!
  5. pro render engine

    I'm looking at this at the moment and the Redshift website says that the biggest bang-for-buck is from the 1070 and 1080s. Having multiple graphics cards (which is what I'm considering) sounds like a minefield in terms of overheating though. Some people seem to have had some success with the standard nvidia cards that kick the heat out the back, but it sounds like for any degree of certainty you're probably looking into water cooling. I've read lots of scary stories about games cards (like the 1070s and 1080s) burning themselves out in a matter of months if not properly cooled. For what it's worth, I've not read anything about quadros burning themselves out - but I guess you're not getting the premium performance for the premium price (also people installing multiple quadros may well cool them with filtered swiss spring water in gold radiators whilst fanning the case with wads of dollar bills, Scrooge McDuck style).
  6. It's as simple as selecting all of the polygons, right clicking on them, and selecting 'reverse normals'. (You'll need to have made the sphere editable in order to select the polygons). I'm not 100% certain this will solve your problems, but it seems at least semi-reasonable... ;)
  7. Is this just a case of flipping the normals on the sphere so the 'front' of the sphere's polygons face in instead of out?
  8. Message Signature

    that just sounds like a lot of hard work for nowhere near enough appreciation... ...although I guess it would open the door to earning bribes of my own. ;)
  9. Message Signature

    well, now I just don't know WHO to bribe...
  10. gotcha! cheers, dude!
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    heh. timed to perfection! Cheers everyone ;)
  12. @everfresh (apologies for endlessly badgering you about this stuff, but...) what do you mean you render twice if transparency is involved? I'm guessing you mean two versions, one with the transparent object showing and one with the stuff behind showing? Do you just do this with takes and turn off the transparent stuff by hand, or is there a render setting you can use to treat transparency as invisible in a depth pass? In your compositing software is it then just a case of knocking them both down to 50% and blending them additively? Sorry to hijack your thread, @BigAl3D!
  13. Message Signature

    I did wonder if it might have been from when the site got overhauled. Oh well, not to worry! Cheers for looking into it, all! -f ------------------------------------ Didn't want a flippin' signature anyway <sob> ------------------------------------
  14. Message Signature

    Ahh - thank goodness for that, I thought I was being a proper dolt. Mine is the same as ABMotion, with 'Display Name' instead of 'Signature'. Cheers for looking into it (obviously, it's not the end of the world if it can't be sorted - if it's even remotely any kind of hassle don't worry about it on my account!). -f