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  1. Heh - I like the cut of this fella's jib! Car looks cool too. Is there any way of embedding the mouth into the model a bit more? The rest of it is really nice, but the mouth seems a bit pasted on. Might there be a way of using the grill as teeth or something? What are your plans with these guys? Enquiring minds and all that... ;)
  2. really nice! love the contrast you've added in the updated image between the brightly lit boat and the dark, almost jelly-like water. there's something not sitting quite right with me about the wooden texture at the bottom. maybe it's slightly too light or something? drawing the eye a bit too much? could very well just be me though, feel free to ignore ;) i really like the top-heavy, dinky/chunky dimensions on your boat too. how did you do the water by way? it's great!
  3. heh heh - come to show some work, leave having solved a problem I didn't even know I had yet... cheers, dude ;)
  4. What they said - looks absolutely fantastic! What was the post DOF problem/solution? -f (Also, I found your Vimeo channel the other day - there's some phenomenal stuff there too! Really love your rigs and the 2D/3D work.)
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