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  1. No, I thought it might have been that so I checked a normal single pass as well as a non EXR render and they both had problems too. I think it's something to do with the file path. If I remove the "." at the start of the file location then the error message goes away, but obviously when you try to render it kicks out an error message because it doesn't actually know where to put it... Anyway, getting back to your original topic - multi pass is a great time saver for long sequences! I've got a default multi pass setup saved in my new file, and it prevents me having to faff around splitting and organising every single shot into passes. Also, using EXRs really appeals to me because I don't have to fight my way through organising anywhere near as many files. I thought getting my head round that workflow would take ages (because I'm old now and, like Garth, fear change), but it took a couple of hours max to work it out and I definitely wouldn't go back. Give it a crack, you won't regret it. Promise ;)
  2. Curiouser and curiouser... ;) I'm getting this error - invalid output multi-pass path. Doesn't seem to make any difference if it's not an exr or if it isn't multi-pass. Just dug out the response I got from MAXON when I originally had the problem: ---- If you take a look at this quick tutorial, it shows using Takes with the Render Queue, it notes that the tokens isn't yet supported in working with Render Queue, and I am sure you have tested this with your R19, this video is for R17. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/how_to_render_takes_with_the_picture_viewer_render_queue_and_team_render It looks like this has been reported already, in fact when tokens was introduced and is only an issue on Windows OS, latest update was the problem exists for both 18 & 19, so I have +1 the bug report to keep it on the radar, and hopefully we will see a fix for this soon, as the functionality is in place, but just not working for Windows OS at this time. ----- So I guess maybe if you're on 17 the problem has vanished with an update for you, then reoccurred for 18 and 19? Sorry for hijacking your thread as well, dude... ;)
  3. Ooh. Now that *is* interesting. And nope, it's all pre-set in my render before I stick it in the queue. Does your folder structure already exist? Perhaps the issue I have is in creating a new folder from the render queue (I output to image sequences, so I tend to create a new folder for each render).
  4. Are you on a mac? I asked MAXON about it when I started having issues and they said it was a known problem and that they'd +1'd the bug report - but it may only be a Windows problem.
  5. Yep, I tend to use your second approach for stuff unless it's a super short sequence (say 3 or 4 shots max). The only thing I'd add to that is naming. If you don't have a naming and filing system in place you are going to have an absolute nightmare keeping track of everything later, or if you need to return to the project. Your file names need to version up obviously and your renders need to have a clear link to whatever file they came from (render tokens in 4D are great for helping with this, but unfortunately they don't work with the batch renderer). Anyone who's ended up with the suffix 'final 3b' in any of their filenames has already learned this lesson the hard way... ;)
  6. I'd definitely add my name to the 'totally in - depending on circumstances'. I think it's a cool idea, and if I get any bonus time on top of work and kids, I'd be up for chucking a few hours in if I can be useful. Big couple of 'if's mind you... ;) I get the impression you haven't got anything concrete yet, and that you're trying to create the story together as well - is that right? Have you got any idea how best to organise creating, picking and scripting the story as a group? Or have you got something in mind already? Cheers for the push, good work!
  7. Heh - I like the cut of this fella's jib! Car looks cool too. Is there any way of embedding the mouth into the model a bit more? The rest of it is really nice, but the mouth seems a bit pasted on. Might there be a way of using the grill as teeth or something? What are your plans with these guys? Enquiring minds and all that... ;)
  8. have you got joints / points in the same place? found this really good bret bays talk on the cineversity site the other day - has some stuff around the 25-30 minute mark on exporting and importing weights. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/character_rigging_techniques_siggraph_2015_rewind/siggraph_2015_rewind_bret_bays_creating_a_character_rigging_pipeline i think he wrote his own scripts to deal with multiple objects simultaneously, but they were based off cineversity plugins that do single objects at a time. i suspect if your points are in different places, or your joints are named differently, that this won't work though.
  9. Thanks, dude - and it was more of a heads-up than a complaint. I worked for CITV for quite a while, I absolutely get who pays the bills... ;)
  10. Children's ITV runs a competition every year for the kids to write and draw their own story. From several thousand entries, the winners get their story turned into a professionally made minute-long animation. This year the 4 winning animations were made by some fantastic animation studios, in CG, 2D, and stop motion - and one was made by me and a brilliant illustrator and character designer called Carl Hadley ( if you're clicking that's http://carlhadley.com ). Carl drew the map and the character designs (based off the ridiculously talented 12 year old Ursula's original designs) and all the CG was created by yours truly in just under 4 weeks - so you might notice a couple of mildly cropped corners here and there, but overall I'm pretty proud of what we achieved... ;) All of the animations are being shown this week on CITV, but you can check them out now on the ITV hub at: https://www.itv.com/hub/share-a-story/2a4800 You will probably have to sit through about a minute's worth of adverts first, I'm afraid, but I promise the animations are worth it!
  11. really nice! love the contrast you've added in the updated image between the brightly lit boat and the dark, almost jelly-like water. there's something not sitting quite right with me about the wooden texture at the bottom. maybe it's slightly too light or something? drawing the eye a bit too much? could very well just be me though, feel free to ignore ;) i really like the top-heavy, dinky/chunky dimensions on your boat too. how did you do the water by way? it's great!
  12. bridge tool in point mode should work (M-B shortcut). Click and drag from point to point to create polys - shout up if that doesn't solve your problem! Cheers -f
  13. x2 on Richard Williams' book. What that doesn't teach about animation ain't worth knowing! I stumbled across this channel on Youtube the other day which might be useful to you. Whilst it's not C4D there's some nice simple explanation of animation principles in there - and most, if not all, of the information can be translated into C4D: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4oFFjKQKHj_fCOkBLH61w Good luck!
  14. five minute cartoon? five minutes? who the heck is gonna have the time to watch a whole flippin' five... oh, wait, it's over? okay, maybe just one more play then... That was brilliant, love it. The look is fantastic, as everyone says, but it was the super-cute animation on the baby trucks that did it for me. Lovely stuff!
  15. I'm looking at this at the moment and the Redshift website says that the biggest bang-for-buck is from the 1070 and 1080s. Having multiple graphics cards (which is what I'm considering) sounds like a minefield in terms of overheating though. Some people seem to have had some success with the standard nvidia cards that kick the heat out the back, but it sounds like for any degree of certainty you're probably looking into water cooling. I've read lots of scary stories about games cards (like the 1070s and 1080s) burning themselves out in a matter of months if not properly cooled. For what it's worth, I've not read anything about quadros burning themselves out - but I guess you're not getting the premium performance for the premium price (also people installing multiple quadros may well cool them with filtered swiss spring water in gold radiators whilst fanning the case with wads of dollar bills, Scrooge McDuck style).
  16. It's as simple as selecting all of the polygons, right clicking on them, and selecting 'reverse normals'. (You'll need to have made the sphere editable in order to select the polygons). I'm not 100% certain this will solve your problems, but it seems at least semi-reasonable... ;)
  17. Is this just a case of flipping the normals on the sphere so the 'front' of the sphere's polygons face in instead of out?
  18. that just sounds like a lot of hard work for nowhere near enough appreciation... ...although I guess it would open the door to earning bribes of my own. ;)
  19. well, now I just don't know WHO to bribe...
  20. heh. timed to perfection! Cheers everyone ;)
  21. @everfresh (apologies for endlessly badgering you about this stuff, but...) what do you mean you render twice if transparency is involved? I'm guessing you mean two versions, one with the transparent object showing and one with the stuff behind showing? Do you just do this with takes and turn off the transparent stuff by hand, or is there a render setting you can use to treat transparency as invisible in a depth pass? In your compositing software is it then just a case of knocking them both down to 50% and blending them additively? Sorry to hijack your thread, @BigAl3D!
  22. I did wonder if it might have been from when the site got overhauled. Oh well, not to worry! Cheers for looking into it, all! -f ------------------------------------ Didn't want a flippin' signature anyway <sob> ------------------------------------
  23. Ahh - thank goodness for that, I thought I was being a proper dolt. Mine is the same as ABMotion, with 'Display Name' instead of 'Signature'. Cheers for looking into it (obviously, it's not the end of the world if it can't be sorted - if it's even remotely any kind of hassle don't worry about it on my account!). -f

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