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  1. 500 K - Kroner? Umm... I might be interested... : )
  2. One workaround: Get your Beziers set up visually correct in front view - ignoring the z variations. Then select all your points and scale them to zero in the z axis (ie looking fron the top down). This will flatten the handles in Z - but should keep the arrangement in X / Y.
  3. MikeA

    Robots vs. Music

    Very cool and fun stuff!
  4. My guess is that it will stay as a separately purchased plugin - just as it is now, just with an even better level of integration.
  5. It's a very serious product I can assure you : ) I've rendered stuff with Rs I simply couldn't have dreamt of rendering with the standard C4D renders. If you're coming straight from the in built renderers it takes some learning - but it's worth it. Definitely a big boys toy : )
  6. Or even easier... https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx_eng.html One of my favourite free plugins : )
  7. That is quite a work - which I'm sure will be very useful! Thank you!
  8. Well, even as an Englishman... that could only be described as 'Epic' !
  9. Redshift does have some controls for this situation - have a look at the displacement node in the Redshift docs. You'll find there are controls for 'out of frustum tesselation' which can help for this type of shot.
  10. ROFL ! - check out my icons : )
  11. If the scene fits in card memory... 6, 8, or 11 GB won't matter. 11GB is better - you can handle bigger scenes without needing Redshift to use out of core memory - which will slow things down - but unless you're dealing with huge geometry and multiple massive texture maps an 8GB card will do fine. I recently rendered 8 million instances (circa 25 billion polys) on my 3x 1070 Ti's (8GB) without a problem ; )
  12. Glad it helped : ) The render looks good. Now that the mining boom has cooled off I bet there are some good Ebay deals on second hand 1070 Ti's and the like : )
  13. To fix your Aliasing issue on the superbright shutters I think you need to look up help on the 'Max Subsample Intensity' in the Sample Filtering settings of the Redshift render settings. I don't know, but 17 minutes sounds like a long time for this render to me, even with a 970. What is your render time for the Redshift Benchmark image: https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/12843/ Hope this helps.
  14. One thing I've missed when playing around in the nodes editor is an inbuilt 'result' node similar to that in Xpresso. I did manage to cobble a basic one together using a grpup and anput - but could only see the result in the 'attribute' part of the editor when the node was selected. Ideally I'd like to see it in the node iself in the network - as in the Xpresso version. Is that possible?
  15. I do feel like the fresh undergrad (age not withstanding :) trying to mix it with the professors here... but I'm doing my best to get up to speed on nodes, and the Youtube training is proving a great start. So here's my newbie contribution : a simple 'ring' shader. I'd be more than happy for anyone to disect this, and offer advice / opinion or suggestions on improvements! But be gentle - it took me quite a while and involved a lot of head scratching : ) MDA_RingShader_111.c4d



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