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  1. You want Prores 4444 with Alpha
  2. The normals on the inside surface of your bottle are facing the wrong way.
  3. Scouser or Mancunian, I'd be happy with that : )
  4. jed, I've not been a regular user of c4dcafe until fairly recently - so this is the first time I've watched a video of yours. Not only was it interesting, but as a fellow northerner, I couldn't help but smile, and felt right at home - what an accent : )
  5. To get '1 up' on all the other 3D packages ; )
  6. Dave, There is one slight issue with your analysis... The vast majority of the population has some degree of immunity to the standard flu - that's why only a small proportion of us get it each year. None of us have immunity to the new Coronavirus. That's why many of us will get it. Multiply that by the suspected higher mortality rate and you have a much bigger problem. The other thing you might want to consider: Do you have any family, friends or aquaintences who are elderly or in poor health? I do. If someone passes Cv on to them - they have a much higher mortality rate. I have people in my family who will probably have a 50/50 chance of survival if they get infected with Cv. Bear that in mind folks.
  7. You might be better off drinking it : ) To be useful as a disintectant you need about 70% alchohol content - around 125 degree proof.
  8. The 'Invalid geometry' feedback seems to be fairly common in Redshift. I see it frequently especially when working with poorer quality meshes, crudely exported CAD data etc. - but it's never caused me any problem. The render continues, it's just a warning. Here is the info directly from the Redshift C4D developer - Kostas:
  9. OK - I really hope you're able to get them back on line somehow / somewhere! They're far too valuable to be sat unviewed in storage!
  10. What has happened to the C4DCafe youtube channel? I thought all the training video were there - now I only see a series on Xpresso - that's all.
  11. I think the other important thing to not is that the relatively new CAd import options into C4D are excellent. Get STEP file and you can mesh that to the level of detail required on import.
  12. Frequently. I sometimes use Fusion, Rhino, FormZ... Another good tool to check out is MOI 3D. It's a simple NURBS based spline modeller created by the guy that originally created Rhino. It sits somewhere between a full blown CAD tool and something like C4D. It also offers 'decent' mesh output - for a CAD type tool. It's a good 'halfway house' for some technical modeling tasks.
  13. Sorry, but you've not got a hope. Think about it for a moment... what colour light is that tree being lit with? Exactly the same colour(s) you're trying to key out.
  14. Maybe MAXON and Adobe could do swapsies : ) Red Giant for Allegorithmic... LOL!
  15. Just for a moment... when he pulled it out of the wrapping.... I thought the box was going to say... new UV tools : ) LOL!
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