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  1. Interesting stuff - thanks for posting these. I'd seen some of them before, but certainly not all. I do agree with the general premise of this thread - it's an incredibly weak area for C4D. The first proiority for me would be to get the basic solvers - rigid body / soft body / cloth etc - all working well, controllably (no 'explosions' please) and fully integrated with each oher. A few years ago I was working on a job that really needed some very controlled ripping and soft body dynamics. After about two weeks of effort trying with both soft bodies and cloth we gave up and dropped the shot.
  2. The holographic stuff - near the end - is really quite mind blowing...
  3. Got it I think... here's Mr. Transparent Stick Boy...
  4. I think it's 2XXX series cards only, but yes, it does work / is implemented. There are quite a number of users on the forum with NVLink setups.
  5. Yep - tht's a good GPU. I've also got 8GB GPUs (3x 1070 Ti's ). So far that's been enough memory for the sort of work I do. I'm going to look at upgrading when the new 3XXX series GPU's hit he road - hopefully later this year.
  6. Just to bring this thread back on topic for the OP: My main reason for getting into Redshift GPU a few years ago: speed in lookdev. I found nothing more frustrating in CGI than the 'tweak material - hit the render button - wait - tweak material' cycle. Redshift made serious inroads into fixing that.
  7. Out of interest: what GPU's are you running - and how much VRAM?
  8. I think the main thing to point out with Redshift is that phrase 'production renderer'. It's emphasis is on knocking out frames quickly and reliably. That isn't to say it can't produce beautiful looking single images of top quality - it can, but typically it takes more work / box checking / knob twiddling than something like Octane or Corona which are set up more for quality than speed. Having said that, look in the Redshift gallery and you can judge for yourself : ) https://www.redshift3d.com/gallery
  9. Curiosity got the better of me, so here you go : ) 1. Dark patch lower cenre is shadow from invisible object : ) 2. White sphere is not reflected in the large chrome ball, but is reflected in the mirror and other objects. The small white ball reflection in the chrome ball is the reflection of the reflection of the ball in the mirror : ) Confused yet? : ) 3. Gold ball is hidden behind the sheet of blue tinted glass. 4. Pyramid is semi-transparent using the C4D display / visibility tag - which can be animated.
  10. I think that's a very good point. I feel the same re Redshift. I've been using it for over 2 years and sometimes I think I've barely scratched the surface. There's a lot of talk about 'which renderer is the best...'. IMHO it's almost irrelevant. Yes, there are pros and cons for them all, but pick any of the top 10 - CPU or GPU - and you'll get an awesome renderer.
  11. I think the answer is yes to all of these: - Can I make a object invisible but keep its shadow in the sceene? Yes: one checkbox in a Rs object tab. - Can I setup a object, that is excluded from the reflection of exactly one other object but not not from the rest of the sceene? Yes: using the exclusion list in the Rs object tag - Can I make objects invisible behind Glass? Yes: one checkbox in a Rs object tab for the object - although you'll be left with the shadow. - Can I make a object semi transperent as if it was a compositing (so that it looks like blending out a layer, flat not 3d looking) Yes - Rs supports the C4D display tag - you can animate viaibility there, or I'm pretty sure you can do it with animated materials. ---- ...but as per the drift of this general discussion - there are things I'm sure Octane can do that Redshift can't. Every renderer has it's pros and cons : )
  12. Yes - fair enough. I'm well familiar with that Trello board. Most of those I don't miss, but I am looking forward to OSL. Substance integration is OK in C4D - that trello entry is for Max : )
  13. In what respects? Genuine question.
  14. Ok - interesting. I don't know Octane - but I do know Redshift : ) That's my daily driver. That has plenty of control as far as I'm concerned.... plenty...
  15. Could you offer some specifics on the two points above?
  16. I'd add a 'vote' for a search function as well. I'm often dealing with visualisation work where I'm dealing with lots of named materials. I categorise them into layers most of the time - but that's not always possible / practical. You can drop a suggestion into MAXON's in tray here: https://support.MAXON.net/open.php Make sure you select 'Suggestions and Ideas for MAXON' from the Help topic menu. They've made this 'suggestions' form so difficult to find I guess you won't have a lot of competition if you submit one!
  17. I'm just wondering if the OP's UV 'issue' is due to the uneven distribution of spline points on the sweep? Try uniform?
  18. Hi all, Some of you may know the aaOcean plugin - for ocean / sea surface creation. It's been available for a while, but broke with the R21 update. I'm pleased to say that, due to the voluntary work of Kent Barber, it's been updated for R21 / S22 on both Windows and MacOS. I've also expanded the minimal documentation that was available. Sorry for the slightly convoluted links - but if you visit: http://vantagegraphics.co.uk/aaocean you'll find links to the plugin itself - and for the updated documentation file. Hope you enjoy it.
  19. That worked really well. Downloaded S22, renamed the layouts with an "S22_" prefix and copied them into my R21 layout folder. That's given me a good starting point for a R21 customised UV layout - based on S22 : )
  20. Yes - I realise that it would only be 'to the extent that the tools exist'. I just thought the new layout was better and if I could copy it it might give me a starting point rather than building it from scratch. I might download the demo and try it.
  21. Guyts I'm just wondering if it's possible to use / transfer the new S22 UV layout to R21? What would be the best way to do this?
  22. I can't think of a good way to do this, but if you put a small sphere over the light source, added a RS object tag and in the visibility section set 'Casts shadows' to off - that should block it, but leave the volume light. You'd end up with a bit of an 'eclipse of the sun' type effect, but it's the only option I can think of.
  23. Does the object have MOI generated 'normal tags' ? If so, those are going to be irrelevant (wrong) as soon as you deform the gemetry. Delete any on the geometry above and see what happens.
  24. I love the caption: Simulation time: three weeks / my entire life.... : )
  25. What I would like o know from the Blender users: if you totally ignore costs - where does Blender beat C4D - and vice versa? What would be your top 5 things where Blender beats Cinema, and what would be your top 5 things where Cinema beats Blender?
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