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  1. The 'Invalid geometry' feedback seems to be fairly common in Redshift. I see it frequently especially when working with poorer quality meshes, crudely exported CAD data etc. - but it's never caused me any problem. The render continues, it's just a warning. Here is the info directly from the Redshift C4D developer - Kostas:
  2. OK - I really hope you're able to get them back on line somehow / somewhere! They're far too valuable to be sat unviewed in storage!
  3. What has happened to the C4DCafe youtube channel? I thought all the training video were there - now I only see a series on Xpresso - that's all.
  4. I think the other important thing to not is that the relatively new CAd import options into C4D are excellent. Get STEP file and you can mesh that to the level of detail required on import.
  5. Frequently. I sometimes use Fusion, Rhino, FormZ... Another good tool to check out is MOI 3D. It's a simple NURBS based spline modeller created by the guy that originally created Rhino. It sits somewhere between a full blown CAD tool and something like C4D. It also offers 'decent' mesh output - for a CAD type tool. It's a good 'halfway house' for some technical modeling tasks.
  6. Sorry, but you've not got a hope. Think about it for a moment... what colour light is that tree being lit with? Exactly the same colour(s) you're trying to key out.
  7. Maybe MAXON and Adobe could do swapsies : ) Red Giant for Allegorithmic... LOL!
  8. Just for a moment... when he pulled it out of the wrapping.... I thought the box was going to say... new UV tools : ) LOL!
  9. Yes - I agree. Confusing at the best of times. It would be interesting to hear from Mr. McG. if this is just a temporary 'issue' or a permanent and deliberate change.
  10. Given the change of management... this year I did actually read the EULA before purchasing the R21 Perceptual. I did notice this clause - the emphasis is mine: "2.1 A perpetual license grants the user a time unlimited, remunerable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right to install and use the software...." Unfortunately I don't have the R20 EULA to hand, but the R19 EULA included this clause, which is conspicuous by it's absence in R21 EULA: "3.6 Subject to compliance with Section 3.8, you are entitled to sell the original Software license to third parties in accordance with the terms of this Section: Resale of the Software to third parties is permitted if you identify the third party who will receive the Software and use rights to MAXON before the sale.... " So, my interpretation of 'at this moment...' is... No. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I nearly posted this when I read the EULA, and maybe I should have, but it was at a time when there was a huge amount of upset here already, so I held back. You would think with the '14 day check-in' licencing scheme a licence transfer would be quite possible. Mike
  11. I'm generally reluctant to recommend 'cloth' because I know it's likely to lead to days of torment... but...would inelastic cloth with a tear map work?
  12. WhUteVer it is, I guess it will be for subscribers - since we've just had a service update. If so, I'll try not to cry... : )
  13. OK guys - a process of elimination and think I've got an ID on the culprit : DEM Earth 4.005 Everything works as expected with that removed. Can anyone else on Windows with DEM Earth 4.005 installed confirm this? Rick, Hrvoje - could one of you guys drop Paul E a message and follow up? It's a crazy co-incidence that Paul and I have been having a 'bit of a chat' this morning about a customer service / licencing issue (completely unrelated to this) - and he probably won't want to hear from me again for a while !! LOL!
  14. Guys - it looks like a plugin related issue. I'm investigating and will report back
  15. ...and a follow up: Just powered up 21.115 on my Windows laptop - with exactly the same results. That's running a slightly different version of Windows - Win 10 Home, 10.0.17763 In the C:\Program Files\MAXON Cinema 4D R21\help\ directory I've just got a html redirect file - is that correct?
  16. Rick, Thanks for the follow up. First things first - thanks for listening to us and responding on this! OK: System: Windows 10 Pro, Version: 10.0.18363 Build 18363 C4D: R21.115 C4D prefs are: Online Content: on External Browser: on I've got a new scene, dropped a cube in, right clicked on cube and selected 'show help...". I don't get any browser launch (using Chrome as default). Repeating above right click with Prefs: External Browser: off still results in no action. I've tried this with various parametric object parameters, tool parameters etc - same situation, so it appears to be a 'global' problem at this point. I can launch the internal help window directly using the direct menu : Help > Show help. This also launches my default browser if prefs: External Browser is on. Are there any other C4D prefs / settings that could affect this?
  17. Guys - with the R21.1 I can no longer get contextual help - eg: right clicking on an object / tool etc and selecting 'show help' no longer works. Is it just me?
  18. OK - great to see this has been worked on for the R21.1 update... thanks to all who heard our cries and took action. However - I've got the offline help installed, but I'm not getting any context sensitive linking to the 'right-click > Show help' menu. Any ideas?
  19. I've bumped up against this myself on occasion. I think comma delimited C1, C2, R1, R2 selections would be a useful option - so perhaps you could make a suggestion here: https://support.MAXON.net/open.php
  20. OK - that's interesting and good to know. I consider myself warned : ) Having said that, I've been fiddling around in installation directories since about 1990... LOL! It really ******* me off when Microsoft tells me what I can and can't do with my own computer. Maybe I should be a Linux guy : ) ...or a certified installer... Ha! So - in practical terms, my guess is - yes, I could probably symlink them both to the same folder... ????
  21. Seeking help from those who understand how this stuff works in Windows 10... : ) I'm often swapping from my studio workstation to my laptop. So, for quite some time I've been using a set up - which I've applied to various software - where I've created directories on a sync'd dropbox to store 'add in' type files - eg; plugins, scripts, libraries etc. These folders are connected back to the main program folders with symbolic links. It takes a bit of set up, but it's generally worked very well for me. Whichever machine I'm on I can update libraries, scripts, plugins etc and these will be available to both machines as I'm referencing exactly the same file. My question is this: why are there two file paths with similar content- eg a 'library' folder in this case? C:\Program Files\MAXON Cinema 4D R21\library and C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\MAXON Cinema 4D R21_XXXXXXXX\library Could I symlink both of these to a single 'library' folder on Dropbox? Or do they need to be kept separate? Why? Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks, Mike A.
  22. I'm really hoping Rick is still subscribed to, and reading, this thread... : ) The other aspect of the help system that needs improvement is the search function. Currently it just seems to be a simple search on the main content text. It would be really helpful to have a specified phrase - ie: "a multi word phrase" in quotes.
  23. PS: Should have said - using Cineware is, IMHO, a complete and utter waste of time. Render passes out of Cinema. Import your rendering into AE to do your post render work. Save your sanity.
  24. In AE you have your AO and Shadow layers set to Multiply blending mode - but you have no base image underneath them to multiply onto. Simply put a base layer at the bottom of your layer stack - a solid, image or movie.
  25. I really wish MAXON would fix this. It's embarrassing. Extrude, lathe, loft, sweep... they were the basic, and core, tools every fledgling 3D software started off with in the 90's... 20+ years later and C4D's sweep still can't handle this most basic of situations...
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