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    Too many to list. I like cycling, Radio Controlled Cars & Planes, Mograph Production, Video Production, Music Production and writing, photography, videography, electronics, PC's, I hate mobile stuff, i don't even own a mobile phone anymore. I pretty much only use C4D for 3D Modeling and related stuff. I am trying to slowly pick up blender. Wish I had time and money to learn other suites too. I own R16 and often have access to R19 esp during school holidays.
  1. JBlack

    Help Request - Animated material

    Thank you for your efforts there Emir. m just looking now
  2. I probably should have added ion this discussion that I have made a glass material before that when global illumination was switched on for rendering would self-illuminate. but I can't remember how I used to do that. It's likely that I used a glass preset from the library and then added a luminance channel. I think there were some glass presets that were transparent in some other method from the regular transparency channel. perhaps it was this that allowed a self-illuminating glass. Or maybe I dreamed it and just think its part of reality. lol. I actually do that sometimes. lol.
  3. JBlack

    Help Request - Animated material

    Would you believe I have not stopped researching this since I made the OP above? I have not figured out how to do this material (let alone animate it in sync with audio). I am actually starting to think it will require a plugin. It could be using the Formula Effector (in which case I am Stumped and Stuffed). The only other workaround (but I'm pretty certain it won't work very well) is to create an image in photoshop and somehow animate it with keying and mograph cloner/sound effector
  4. I'm not 100% sure if this feature is new and exclusive to R19 or not. But, how do I first make this material? then, how can I animate it with sound? Actually, scratch the last bit. I'm familiar with Mograph effectors. Slowly getting there with expresso. After being able to make the material, I will probably have to come back and ask for help with the expresso part. So here is a screenshot of the material I am trying to recreate. This screenshot is a video grab. It is from a tutorial floating around, but it makes no mention of this material. it just uses it as a demo/mograph in the tute. So if anyone can tell me how I might make a material that can place a hexagon within a hexagon object. I've been tinkering all morning. Ive got some interesting results. however, none are what im looking for :D Thank you in advance and I can't wait to hear your suggestions :D
  5. Yes I got that while trying to make the comparisons. I was sure I used to make self-illuminating materials that way before. but clearly, I did not :/
  6. Edit: I made a mistake. Moderator (kiwi Hi) Please Delete