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  1. That would be amazing - thanks!
  2. Hey, so I'm fairly new to Redshift and trying to achieve an effect similar to these images: After digging around on YouTube I've got my volumetric lighting set up and also some caustics being reflected, however my volumetric light simply passes through my glass object, and doesn't appear to be bending at all (like in the above images), is this effect achievable in Redshift? I created a similar effect in Physical renderer a while ago
  3. Hey, bit of a late reply but it looks like you're correct - weirdly this just didn't seem to work on a couple of my files but worked on most of the others (I probably wasn't baking the dynamics properly) - thanks!
  4. Hey, thanks for the reply, Yep that's what I'm currently doing, however I need more keyframes to slow it down smoothly, otherwise it becomes 12.5FPS if I render at 25FPS and stretch 200%. However there doesn't seem to be any way of forcing Cinema to render the same animation at 50FPS while keeping the same calculations in the dynamics
  5. Hi guys, Apologies if this has been posted before, I've searched every corner of the internet for the answer to this to no avail. I'm working on several scenes involving objects falling to the floor and bouncing. We've finally got sign-off in terms of the way the objects fall and bounce, however they need to be slowed down. I've tried this multiple ways - baking the animation with mograph cache, changing the frame rate of the project changes the dynamics, keeping the frame rate the same but exporting at a higher frame rate simply plays the animation back at a quicker spee
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