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  1. Hello c4d community, i didnt found anything helpfull for my issue, so i wanted to open this topic. I'm struggeling with some problems right now. My plan is to animate this string, including the attached clone flowers, to be moved slowely by the wind. The plan is to give some life to the actual footage in the background. Here you can see my build up. Somehow my c4d file is to big to upload (2,9 mb) and only 1,9 mb are allowed. Okey here is the plan i was working on. I put a rigid body onto my sweap nurbs (the rope where the flowers (clone) are attached at) and a colission body onto the surfboard. When i start the animation the sweap nurbs with the clones on it just bounces away. I want to ask, how can i get this rope lay down on the top of the board, like where it is positioned right now on a realistic way. That means the flowers should lay down also and kinda kink themselfs (I hope you understand what i mean). And finally i want to add a wind effector than to let the rope "fly" to the right side while its still attached on the board. I know its really confusing but i hope someone can help me, also im a beginner. Thank you guys ! :)
  2. @Cerbera Yeah im using R18.057 Student Version. Thank you, I heard about GI but i thought there could be something else like a plugin or smth like that :) I will try that.
  3. Hello community, Im trying to make an intro video. Im a noob when i have to work with lights or special materials, so i want to ask you guys some Questions. 1. Is it possible to get those light effects (which you can see on the png's) like permanent "moving/living" lights (not just like constant same brightness at whole light line) behind the modeled card? 2. The card lying on the floor should illuminate the dark room and light up like a mobile phone display in bright white or other colors. So that means everything is dark, you cant see anything, but then the card lights up and you are like "what is that?". Im thankfull for any help i get! :) THANKS FOR ATTENTION <3

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