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  1. Hello guys, Can you please let em know how to create a seamless look environment. I have a hole in the ground that is part of the scene. I am dropping an object in the hole and following the object with the camera inside the hole. I guess my main problem is to get the hole with depth and not looking flat. I am using physical render and not extras at the moment to keep the render setting down but this can change a bit. I will include the file. Please advise. Much appreciated. The red image is reference look
  2. Just one last question do I need Fresnel in reflections?
  3. Hello again. Cheers all. I am actually using R20 not sure were to change this info> I shall update you with my results... thank you
  4. Thank you so much Dan. I was just looking at this. but the reflections are hard to get... Was not thinking of bump...Cheers.What about the actual render settings. Any suggestions. DO I need global as this will be moving.... Kind regards
  5. Hello all I need some help. I am trying to texture some spaghetti - wet and translucent and somewhat reflective texture. Please refer to image. Any ideas would be most Wellcome. Plus render settings suggestions. Thanks in advance val
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