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  1. gieroj

    Adding shoes to character

    Hey everyone, i've managed to add the shoes with a PSR contstraint tag. It looks good! Thanks for help. but if i needed the shoes to bend a little, what can I do?
  2. gieroj

    Adding shoes to character

    ye.. the shoes should actually bend a little. Looking at the mixamo preview animation, the mocap data has this bending information of the feet included. Thank You@maliohammad, @Rectro, @BigAl3D - i asked this question in advance. Will probably deal with this tomorrow/the day after tomorrow. Will come back here if i'm lost haha! thank You again.
  3. hey everyone, can someone tell me what is the best solution for adding shoes to a character and animating it? I have a pair of shoes, a mixamo mocap file and an avatar. I'm currently working on his clothes in Marvelous Designer, then i want to export that to C4D. All i'm struggling with is adding shoes. I have a specific pair of shoes, modelled and textured and I'm wandering how to integrate them with animated character with animated clothes on. Any help is highy appreciated, F.
  4. gieroj

    2000's Max Payne model look

    thanks so much @Rectro
  5. gieroj

    2000's Max Payne model look

    thanks @Rectro for the reply! All i need to create is 10 seperate stills, no video, no animation. Just: 1) pose a character 2) change his clothes - apply different texture (no dynamics) 3) change environment 4) render.
  6. hey, this is a newbie question, so I'm posting it in a newbie section. My task is to create a series of scenes presenting a character in different scenarios - bookstore/street etc. A friend supplied me with three images (added to this post). The main goal is to acheive a look, simillar to Max Payne 1 character in terms of complexity. I'm really trying to find a nice way of modeling a simple character and then adding clothes to him. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to start.
  7. gieroj

    Merging and sculpting two objects

    @Cerbera, @Rectro - thank You :(
  8. hello comunity, i need Your knowledge! what i have: two objects - Daz3D female model exported in .obj to C4D, a sculpted object - skirt (quite highpoly) created in C4D what i want to create: a smooth transition between the "skirt" and the body - like the skirt is part of the body, skirt is the skin what i tried: i've connected those two objects and wanted to sculpt them together. What happens is - when i increase the poly amount on the Daz3D model, some irregular holes appear (between faces that earlier had been smooth). i've attatched 2 images: - the holes on the model - the place i want to create the transition, yet those two objects are separate thank You for any suggestions
  9. gieroj

    C4D 30% off question

    hey guys, thanks for the reply. Yep, im aware of the fact that ive missed it. Just being curious if it's going to happen in 2018 again. but i assume that nobody knows that now;) cheers
  10. hello everyone, quick question; do ~30% offs for C4D software happen once a year (around may) or more/less often? i have succesfully found information about it happening in 2016 and 2017. Just being curious. best regards
  11. @Cerbera yes You must be right.. quite a lesson for me. Haven't been given such a task before. Thank You for Your time, i will post here after i manage to do what i said in the post above. Thanks
  12. I have actually just run into an idea of using multime cloners (1 cloner = 1 wall, 7 cloners total) and doing it manually..
  13. @Cerbera thank You for the fast reply. The reason i am doing this with the spline and clones is that i want to achieve the effect of falling object that eventually form the wall.
  14. Hello community! Feeling like a newbie here. I've created a spline with irregular shape (but the problem occurs also on a rectangular one). My intention is to clone objects onto it to form somekind of a wall. The problem is the corners. I could not find a way to properly tweak the settings in a way that the cloned object do not go "outside" of the spline. Problem:The last image shows the problem from a perspective view. This is the closest i could get by changing the cloned object size, offseting the cloned object etc. I am using a cloner in 'object' mode where i put my splines. Is it even possbile to achieve? i hope it is! best regards
  15. Thank You Cerbera, it worked really well (screenshot). I have managed to clone objects onto the specified spline. I'm currently struggling with correcting the corners so they fit. Thank You for helping me!