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  1. Importing OBJ files

    Thank you very much Cerbera!! Problem solved... I selected all normal tags and just hit " Align Vertex to Face Normals" Thanks again and best regards, Lucas Also, after doing that, I just did another test on the import options which seems to work as well, instead of keeping the normal as "vertices" I changed to "Phong Tag" and worked!!
  2. Importing OBJ files

    Hello folks, Probably a very silly question but I'm struggling to sort this out. I'm importing some OBJ files and when I hit render the shadows are a bit strange, some parts of the object are reacting what I would say "in a normal way" but some others are very dark, see images for reference. I added a cube to the scene to compare to my abject and the cube seems to be fine as you can see. Any advices? Thanks, Lucas