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  1. Thanks a lot HSrdelic! It's a great tip there; I didn't even know that the order of the nodes in the Xpresso manager was important for the correct function. By the way the problem is partially solved now. I still have the repetition of the last digit (double "2" in my case). See image attached... this is pretty strange
  2. Hi everyone I created an Xgroup to calculate the linear velocity of each Point in any moving polygonal object; I did not find any Node having a direct output for this information (if you know a faster method thanks for sharing) By the way, the aim of this post is that Xgroup seems to have a bug in the output and I would like to know if it's really like this or I'm doing something wrong. If I put the Console inside the Xgroup to control the output data everything seems correct. If I put the Console outside the Xgroup to control the same output data it gives strange results (more lines than expected and strange repetitions) for every single frame In the pdf attached I shared 2 screenshot made at frame 1 to let you see what I mean. I share also the file (R20 version). Is it really a bug of the Xgroup or there is something I'm overlooking about how the Console Node works ? Thanks for your advises Paolo bug in Xgroup.pdf EXTRACT POINT VELOCITY FROM OBJECT.c4d
  3. thanks a lot to you all for these tips. teknow the solutions you shared are very nice and interesting. I will explore these workflows and see what result i ll be able to achieve
  4. Dears, I've been recently amazed by the animations made by Simon Homedal in Houdini of Nike; he developed several great concepts of organic Growth and Reductions. This brought me to do some researches on the net and I came across this great video that shows different kind of evolutions and devolutions of a 3D object. Wonderful stuff for me! I don't know on which SW has been used in this case but I could guess Houdini for its procedural power. I well know that C4D (my favourite 3D SW) is probably not designed to do such things, at least not as easily as other kind of jobs can be done in it. Anybody could figure out how to do similar animation things in C4D or could suggest any resources on the net explaining a possible workflow ? Thanks! Paolo I
  5. Thanks a lot for this score that honestly was unexpected to me. I have learned so much after looking at other participants' edge solutions. In fact the join with the drinling spout mentioned above has been one of the biggest head hacke and I ended up with a solution on which I was not too confident myself. Ciarma
  6. DONE! https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqpgh3md829yut6/Challenge Paolo Ciarmatori.zip?dl=0
  7. opps, unfortunately i have no more space allowed to send you the other 2 items...
  8. Dear Cerbera, I'm pretty new to this type of challenges. I worked some days to figure out how to make it.... In attachment my result in PNG. The c4d files are sightly bigger so i'll send in 2 times. I hope I did a decent job :-) Regards Paolo from italy



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