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  1. Hi, this is probably one of those easy questions but it has me stumped... My target is a transparent image (.png) with object, shadows and ambient occlusion (AO). It's an image that's supposed to go on a colored background on a web page so it's great just to have a transparent .png. In C4D R18 everything works like a dream for object and shadows. I use the new Shadow Catcher shader to create the shadows and alpha (mask), composite in Photoshop and everything looks great. However, then I run an AO multipass render and that works fine, but what I really need (I think) is an AO alpha (mask) as well. With these two layers I could just add the AO to the image and be done with it. Am I thinking about this the wrong way? What is the workflow for adding AO shadows to a transparent composite in Photoshop? I would be very grateful if someone could give me a pointer in the right direction... PS It would be so great if the new Shadow Catcher shader had a little tick-box that said "Include AO shadows"...