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  1. Glowing Material

    HI there, I'm trying to mimic this texture look on these DNA strands and can't get it quite right. Any advice? I've tried the glow effect, and no dice.
  2. Hi All, My physical cam is trying to focus on my target object (the landscape) and its getting confused. It doesn't seem to know where to focus as it hovers down around 00:06:00 in. And its making the stars (a physical sky object set to night, see attached) too huge, but I dont know if there is a workaround for that. Any idea how to fix this? Below is a link to the render... dont mind the weird frames must have been a render glitch, I'll do a PNG sequence next time. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cykwxmx6pz0bajg/opener3 (Converted).mov?dl=0
  3. Great job Teknow. Very clever, yet so simple. What I've found strange is that I can't add a material to the floaties. Have you found a workaround for that?
  4. Thanks Cerbera. I put the soft body on the sphere and at the cloner level, but no dice. The are still intersecting, not squishing together
  5. Hi all, How do I make spheres in a cloner object squeeze up against each other, like in the skin cell example below. I've been trying to find a video tutorial for it but no luck!
  6. Glow Effect....

    tx Cerbera. Yes I agree. What is your recommended workflow in AFX?
  7. I would like to create a look similar to this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hx6n0r6ceg36qn8/Activen_06-04.mov?dl=0 What would be your preferred way to get this glowy look? Is it merely a matter of compositing in AE? Or is there something fundamental that I am missing in texture layering in C4D?
  8. Hi there! I am a new media student very interested in learning how to do 3D projection mapping -- for example -- on to cars for a live event. I want a mentor/guide, to teach me how to do it via Skype and video tutorials. I am familiar with using the "Projection Man" feature in Cinema 4D, but not an expert. I believe that this is one way 3D projection mapping can be done (but of course I am open to other approaches), by bringing in the 3D model of the car into C4D and setting up virtual cameras to mimic what the live event projection setup would look like. I am also well experience in After Effects and the two mapping softwares I've used for 2D mapping are Isadora and Resolume Arena (for more simple mapping, onto geometric shapes), so I'd like to stick with those with a preference for Isadora. But I'm also open to learning VVVV, and MadMapper as well, and prepared to purchase any software that you recommend. I will only use GPU codecs such as HAP. In short, I know how to do 2D mapping, but I have never mapped content on to objects that are more complex, and curvy like a car. The content must be compelling from various angles - not unlike this (which I'm sure we've all seen) - link and this is amazing (link). I want to use two projectors. One from the front end (off to the side) and another from the back end (off to the side). Image a car being up against a wall, so only three angles are viewable from an audience: side, front and back. My delivery date for this project is in the third week of September. To sum up for clarify, this is what I want to hire you for: - creation of a virtual environment in C4D (with a 3D model of a car that I will provide) that includes two virtual cameras that will serve as the two projector effectively. This would be the framework that I will replicate for my live event. - best practices, tips and tricks along the way (via email and Skype) - provision of step by step video tutorials (which will remain private) - your preferred mapping software file (all setup and ready to use) I don’t need any content creation. That is being done by another group of artists. My job is to setup day-off and map the content with edge blending. Please let me know what you think and your quote for this project. Thank you.