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  1. @Cerbera True! I didn't think to do that this time, but will try to remember the next.
  2. @Cerbera @natevplas Thanks to both of you for trying to help! I really appreciate it! Cerbera, if you hadn't moved this over to a different section natevplas may not have seen it. And, natevplas, if you hadn't asked to see the file, I likely wouldn't have seen the problem (at least not for a while longer I'm sure - I've been scratching my head over this one for a couple of days at least!) SO - the problem - so stupid - I had a left an extra copy of the shoe model inside the fracture. I usually make copies of stuff before messing around and changing things up too much - turning off the visibility keeps them out of the way - BUT, apparently fracture sees the things inside it even if they're not visible. If you're having weird problems with fracture (like even the mats rendering out oddly), double-check to make sure you haven't left anything extra inside it. P.S. If you're interested - the shoe model is by M aciek PtaszynskiI, and you can get it from here - https://www.behance.net/gallery/6410899/Nike-Air-Max-1-Premium
  3. @natevplas Hi Nate! No, I'm on R20 studio now - sorry, I neglected to update my profile - I just did now. Yes, I can share the actual file. I actually just reduced a version of it to upload and oddly enough, the problem corrected itself! Something else in the scene was causing the problem... dynamics... too much geometry..? Anyhow, I'm just headed out now, but first thing tomorrow I'm going to go through and eliminate stuff one thing at a time to try and pinpoint the problem - Regardless, I will post a version with the problem. If I can't find the problem maybe someone else can, and if I can find the problem, maybe it'll help someone else if they run into it. Thanks!
  4. @CerberaThat'd be great actually. Thanks! I wasn't exactly sure where to post this one - it's a bit of an odd one.
  5. @Cerbera Each part of lace is a separate high-poly mesh that's been combined into a single object then combined into the single shoe object. I have the laces as a single polygon selection on the entire shoe object and their material applied to that. The mat is set to UVW mapping projection. Other materials (like on the nike swish that's getting messed up are set to cubic projection as they were getting stretched in UV mode. I tried separating the laces out of the main shoe object, but that didn't do anything. I've been trying to figure out how to bake everything onto to the shoe in redshift - I was thinking that might solve the problem?
  6. Does anyone know why applying fracture might be breaking the textures on my object - and/or even better - how to fix it? The object has a bunch of selection tags on it for the different materials. Also, I'm rendering it in redshift (if that might make a difference). I don't have any displacement on anything - just bump. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! I've included 2 renders to show what's happening, one without the fracture turned on, the other with.
  7. Carbon Atom (animated) View File Newbie here - thought I'd try to give a little back to the community. Carbon atom (12), Bohr model. Animation already set up. You can easily change the angle of the orbits and the sizes of the individual pieces (nucleus, electrons, orbits...) I've included a sample render where I changed up some of the sizing and angles. Submitter canoebrain Submitted 11/13/2015 Category Models Edition

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