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  1. im pretty sure the regular spot light wont shot up as you want in the reflection without a texture or reflective material, in this is a still and your looking for a realistic result you might want to think of using a PBR workflow instead of regular lights, build then light itself and texture it like a real bulb results are always best, you can refer to pavel zoch Semi unbiased rendering tutorials for c4d cheers
  2. I turned off default light in physical render option. If you don't do this even with no lights on you will see a contribution of the default light
  3. hey i took a look but i don't understand very well what you mean, all lights are working correctly in the scene. When using a pot light try to texture it with a HDR spotlight it gives amazing results. Find a HDR picture of a spot light and plug in into the texture of the light, you can do the same for the soft panels, render times do go up but lighting its much more realistic, other than that i would say build light with reflectors and texture those too. Also the scene scale its wrong, for lights and rendering to behave correctly you need to work at real world scale, i think you bottle its about 7 m high now this will put off the realism right away.
  4. kitefly

    Arnold for Cinema 4D and Grass

    wet grass ? Like changing is specularity, clumpliness ? All the parameters for hair in arnold work within the hair material, arnold only drives color. As for shadding you can use maps to drive the specularity and or coat, use the same map for density or clump and you should have a decent result
  5. hey guys i just ran into this right now, the noise should be in object space and placed on the voronoi, i have no sliping.
  6. kitefly

    C4D freelancer needed for mograph!

    hey did you find anybody yet ? Would you like to take a look at my work ?
  7. kitefly

    Roland SH-09 Synth

    makes me feel like a kid
  8. ty man, would realflow be a good option in your opinion
  9. hey guys i have small project coming up involving particles and fluids but i don´t have real flow or XP, can you guys point me to some TP tutorials. Any ideas how to achieve fluid sims directly in C4D, what other options do i have, any one know any free plug ins ? Help me out with the research please you great fountain of knowledge !
  10. kitefly

    Arnold Texture Lighting

    Sorry i had lots of work man, looks ok man, some parts have issues. Im sending you the file. With the logo to the email send me the whole file ill take a look to help you out
  11. kitefly

    Arnold Texture Lighting

    BTW it was a mapping error you were using a selector, i switch to uv mapping this time, watch out for that
  12. kitefly

    Arnold Texture Lighting

    Hey i got this result, i think its closer to what you want, i made your material more realistic, but here is the thing, the image of the logo should be linearized and the white part should never be 100% or it will blow out like this. you need a more realistic shade of white, about 70%. also i fix the lights. im trying to upload the file but its too large, give me your email ill send it
  13. kitefly

    Arnold Texture Lighting

    ok let me try and set up something for you, i got a few minutes.
  14. kitefly

    Arnold Texture Lighting

    if you are certain is in the view port channel, could be mapping error, or a bug maybe. try connecting without any materials directly into the channel its should be clear if its working or not.