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  1. Hey guys Iv'e solved it now with slides to adjust the min and mix of the random. is sooo simple but im proud . ill leave the file here python point displacer.c4d
  2. Hey guys so, what software complements cinema 4d and why ? I feel like Houdini is hot right now, how much do we need to know something like that not lag behind specially in motion graphics and vFX? what about composting im still learning cinema but id like to take something else. Whats your take on this ?
  3. Hey I believe you need the data node to extract cloner info for expresso, noise is a real number so if you use that value and mix it with the index you could get a random noise based on the index. I don't know how to apply the different noise seed to one shadder after tho.
  4. hey man thanks for you quick reply im test I get unexpected indent errors, sometimes also unindent does not match any outer indentation. Any ideas
  5. Hey guys im starting with basic scripting with cinema 4d in python, im trying to follow an old tutorial since there is not a lot of info out there. But im stuck. The generator is simple it takes look at doc and finds an object by name "Source" then makes a clone. Turns off the visibility in render and editor for Source and turns it on for the clone. This is all working up to now. Next I want to do a current state to object to make this object editable so I can access the points im using the SendModelingCommand I try to put the result into a new variable called Result and return it but I get a syntax error. I cant figure out why, sometimes is better to ask im new to this. im attaching the scene with comments. If you can point me in the right direction to find resources for learning im down. My goal is to master mograph with xpresso and python. Also I had to use doc.SearchObject() because I couldn't make op.GetDown() work. How come, id like to script to work on any object in the hierarchy no by name. But its a fix for now. ill be joining the master TD here next week !!! python point displacer.c4d
  6. thank you very much man. Ill referenced saved !! ill keep improving im both aspects
  7. Hey guys so, I've been working on improving with characters I wanted to show you my first attempt to create a realistic base mesh, hoping to do uvs and full rigg I want to have a go a the full pipeline. Now I also how have a question for discussion. how important is it to be a good at drawing when creating characters, im talking about cartoonish and in general, I've been trying to improve in drawing and proportions but I hace to say its very hard for me, my brain struggles. Can good characters be created with theory and little drawing ?
  8. wow looks very interesting thats hours of kitbashing shaved off
  9. Im down when and where ? I'd love to learn more about serious TD techniques. facial and complex mech riggs would rock.
  10. omg this is so amazing finally some real use for mu amd cards
  11. try turning those area lights into gi portals, they will help GI distribute better the samples in the scene, good work
  12. Hey here´s my two cents The parts where the light in hitting directly its the direct diffuse samples and looks cleaner but still needs samples, those are controlled by the samples on the light objects so up the samples there. The spots seem to be from the indirect diffuse, the GI inside Arnold. these you will find down in the diffuse multipliers in ray depth area, try increasing the diffuse there. This is only for diffused light you will have to calcule proper sample counts for glossy and refracting rays. Indirect diffused takes longer to render try helping out the engine with quad light that provide direct diffuse samples, also lit up geometry another way. the sky object is a fine start but you need to compliment and for a full monte carlo look throw some good samples at it from. look up lighting interior with ambient occlusion, and also think of those quads or geo acting light gi portals . Good luck
  13. This guy really show you the power of c4d physical i recommend this approach, let me know what you think
  14. Hey guys ! No SSS yet i thought about it but decides not to added since i wanted a sharp hard plastic look. maybe i didn't need it. ill be happy to post the scene and makes the tweaks see how realistic we can get it to be. im interested in realism in the search of enhancing my skills i believe if you can reproduce reality you can sell anything in 3d. So im starting with a study into every type of material, will post metals and marvels later, cloths and glass, i would love your input. will add sss and reduce, spec rough and try a diff bump map. maybe we can make this a collective study. ,
  15. Heres my Arnold Plastic Test. Critics please.