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  1. C4DCafe new training line / Cafe upgrade

    i never got to see and download all the tuts and I've pay alone more than $39
  2. C4DCafe new training line / Cafe upgrade

    Hi sorry mam I've been offline and working for sometime of and paying td masterclass up to now. now i can't access the links at least i should get the full product if i paid up to now , no ?
  3. Holy sh** man ! i amazing work, i haven't been on in a while and look at that. truly great work !
  4. hey guys i just got up to speed to r19, im testing pro render, and yes i am one of those mac trash can people. D50out with0 to be specific. two things maybe you can help me out with please 1 . only one D500 runs processing, even tho i have both checked for preview and offline rendering. How come ? should it not run on both gpus. for me that was the whole fuzz about, i still have one sitting gpu and that makes me angry. 2. *** is up with this weird default light, im i doing something wrong ? as soon as i run pro render this things renders like theres a light there, even when there are none. like physicals default light, everyone know for realistic results from lights this must be off. but i dont see i way to shut it down in pro render. its driving me mad, i just one a low key one top light and im getting almost an hdr look. i dont even have a light on and it renders !!!! to me this should be black untill we add a liminous material. anyone know how to deal with this. overall im kinda let down by pro render, slow and a bit weird. Arnold still kicks ass tremendously, no comparison. Waiting for arnold gpu one day. pro render test.c4d pls help me get this thing to render something predictably im posting my test scene with this phantom weird light thanks.
  5. Favorite Lighting Tools

    i back that up, great software
  6. Connect/del. Object Glass mat. lost

    Hey if your new in c4d why use vray, have a go with physical its a great renderer. This sounds like the problem is in the incorrect use of vray not c4d. Also make sure the material with the selection tag its on top. Cheers
  7. How can I model this object?

    @Cerbera why you always have to make it sound easy. hahaha just learned something TY
  8. Yeah man, i was no where near the level for this one, even looking at this meshes a have a hard time figuring out where to begging. Wish i had more time to at least try.
  9. Any ideas on how to model the base

    So much knowledge for one piece, great post ! learned something for the future
  10. Freebie! "Fake Catenary Arc"

    hey this is great! i was just investigating catenary archs ! thank you. Its smart that way you used b spline. Im really trying to learn this part of c4d as well. thank you !
  11. aw man i will take a look at this, look like an awesome rig
  12. Can anyone help me with this?

    hey there are many ways to create something like that, a plane shaped like a S like much a real studio would give you a nice result, light is with a bit soft light or add a bit of luminance. Top light is soft and large, materials are almost 100% diffuse. use GI, IR plus LM should do !
  13. I couldn't make the last challenge and i don´t even know where to begin this one !
  14. Friendly Idea to expand cafe community

    oh sh**, it take a bit to refresh sometime and I clicked too much, sorry