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  1. Favorite Lighting Tools

    i back that up, great software
  2. Connect/del. Object Glass mat. lost

    Hey if your new in c4d why use vray, have a go with physical its a great renderer. This sounds like the problem is in the incorrect use of vray not c4d. Also make sure the material with the selection tag its on top. Cheers
  3. How can I model this object?

    @Cerbera why you always have to make it sound easy. hahaha just learned something TY
  4. Yeah man, i was no where near the level for this one, even looking at this meshes a have a hard time figuring out where to begging. Wish i had more time to at least try.
  5. Any ideas on how to model the base

    So much knowledge for one piece, great post ! learned something for the future
  6. Freebie! "Fake Catenary Arc"

    hey this is great! i was just investigating catenary archs ! thank you. Its smart that way you used b spline. Im really trying to learn this part of c4d as well. thank you !
  7. aw man i will take a look at this, look like an awesome rig
  8. Can anyone help me with this?

    hey there are many ways to create something like that, a plane shaped like a S like much a real studio would give you a nice result, light is with a bit soft light or add a bit of luminance. Top light is soft and large, materials are almost 100% diffuse. use GI, IR plus LM should do !
  9. I couldn't make the last challenge and i don´t even know where to begin this one !
  10. Friendly Idea to expand cafe community

    oh sh**, it take a bit to refresh sometime and I clicked too much, sorry
  11. @King of Snake and @VECTOR a problem solved feels like taking a dump right when you can't take it no more. !!!!
  12. hey guys im writing to you with a little idea, im new around here but I love this forum. And theres so many great people here that I was thinking it would be great if as a community we could have some communication with the outside. So since we do lost of internal stuff here like challenges, wip, models, renders ect I was thinking how about we start to curate an instagram gallery with the best from the cafe, to have some contact with the outside world, members could submit work by hashtag #c4dcafe or here maybe. This would be a way to grow a fan base for the community itself, we could post winners from out challenges and give them recognition, and maybe have our own cafe gallery that kicks ass. whats do you guys think of this ???
  13. Hey I wouldn't think about it the cheap way. like ugly geometry on the inside, I think it might bring trouble later, let say this was a casing and you had to shell it and were told right at the end. cuz clients are like this. if you got bad geometry on the inside your back to zero. check out this series of tuts by Sheppard Oneill in youtube link is up there. specifically this tutorial Sub-D Modeling in C4D - Lesson 5 - Extruding one shape from another For example check how mine is going, I just did a quick shell with the cloth surface generator to show you the inside as to provide a clue with how you might tackle it. is this render I realized theres a kink in the curvature of the large cylinder with is not very visible as a solid piece, but when I shelled it I can see the problem, this is why I think is important to account for this scenario. I realized whats cousins the kink and will redirect the flow to fix it. I really want to see @VECTOR mesh !!!!! @VECTOR yours working on one right ? to instruct us all after wards.
  14. It was tricky AF. I had to model it twice, One tip. Use symmetry