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  1. Roland SH-09 Synth

    makes me feel like a kid
  2. ty man, would realflow be a good option in your opinion
  3. hey guys i have small project coming up involving particles and fluids but i don´t have real flow or XP, can you guys point me to some TP tutorials. Any ideas how to achieve fluid sims directly in C4D, what other options do i have, any one know any free plug ins ? Help me out with the research please you great fountain of knowledge !
  4. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Sorry i had lots of work man, looks ok man, some parts have issues. Im sending you the file. With the logo to the email send me the whole file ill take a look to help you out
  5. Arnold Texture Lighting

    BTW it was a mapping error you were using a selector, i switch to uv mapping this time, watch out for that
  6. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Hey i got this result, i think its closer to what you want, i made your material more realistic, but here is the thing, the image of the logo should be linearized and the white part should never be 100% or it will blow out like this. you need a more realistic shade of white, about 70%. also i fix the lights. im trying to upload the file but its too large, give me your email ill send it
  7. Arnold Texture Lighting

    ok let me try and set up something for you, i got a few minutes.
  8. Arnold Texture Lighting

    if you are certain is in the view port channel, could be mapping error, or a bug maybe. try connecting without any materials directly into the channel its should be clear if its working or not.
  9. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Hey definitely better, i took a peak at you file and got scared, looks like one of my first arnold scenes, i know its madness. a few tips. dont mix c4d shaders and lights with arnold, they dont work well together, if you want something better integrated i have to say go to Corona right now, realistic results and c4d native lights and materials. ok so fix that ! in arnold you should never see crazy intensity number like 5 and so, everything should be 0 to 1 and use the exposure to multiply the input of light. Think of energy conservation. Strip your lights and start over man, set a low light atmosphere with a IBL and focus and the logo light first. One tip you can choose shader network in the color attribute of the mesh light, this mean make a shader load a picture, connect to viewport, the use that shader as a texture in the color channel of the mesh light. this give you the advantage of being able to use all the nodes to correct the look of the logo image that shines on the light. Clean up that file so it works best and ill keep giving you a hand. Its definitely improving ! but very far yet. Cheers
  10. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Upload the scene ill try to give it a shot, its cool, im not 100% sure to tell you exact steps on arnold 4, if i look at the scene i can
  11. Arnold Texture Lighting

    Try using the logo image as an alpha in the emission with a layer node ! use the logo bg image to mask out the parts you don't want, you can use the ramp float node to adjust that later, you can also try using the image as the color of the emission
  12. Arnold Texture Lighting

    This is the most most hardest scene ever for this effects, other lights should help you manage noise, its slow like i said but its correct as far as i know. the falloff of the inner light diffuses thought the combination of material properties i told you. Its very basic. What you need to study better if is this solution will render fast enough for you animated piece. Let me know how it works and we could try to fake it
  13. Private Animation Tutor Requested: Newbi

    I had not seen these !!! thanks man
  14. Arnold Texture Lighting