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  1. EasyObjectID

    Not tested but probably not. But I'm currently working on translate it to C++ so Vray3.4 on R18 will be supported soon ;)
  2. Is it possible to get a blueprint?
  3. What's your projection mode?
  4. Doesn't have time to test, but basicly bones are just like a POINT object linked visually to there children, and their rotations don't really matter. So I will told you to get the world Matrice of all bone s' children, rotate the bone, reset the previous world matrice of all children. Hope it's make sense, Will code something when I will have sometime
  5. Nested Drop Down Menu

    Not sure it's if possible, at least I never saw this (or remember). Your drop down menu is an Integer user data set to cycle UI? I acutally get in mind a way for doing it but it's will be tricky as ^%@!. So I will wait until a more experienced people confirm that is not possible by using default user data.
  6. Play/Pause in Python or Xpresso

    I encourage you to not post into multiple forums the same question. (People hate loosing time helping other when the problem is already solved :p) For future reader I made an answerd here http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=13784
  7. Nested Drop Down Menu

    In which context you are? Gedialog? Script? Xpresso? User Data?
  8. Redshift Resources

    My free light lister for redshift Preview (outdated gonna update it in the week) Download: http://graphos.xyz/files/Plugin/graph_redshift_light_lister/graph_redshift_lightlister.zip Source code: https://gr4ph0s.github.io/c4d_redshift_light_lister/ Anu suggestion is welcome ;)
  9. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    About sdk you can find more informations here https://developers.MAXON.net/?p=3044 About Xpresso node is already supported since a while. https://developers.MAXON.net/docs/Cinema4DPythonSDK/html/modules/c4d.modules/graphview/index.html?highlight=c4d modules graphview#module-c4d.modules.graphview The only thing, you can't crreate node plugin through python.
  10. The easiest way and most optimized is to use a checkbox as a button.
  11. [Python] About Xref Reference

    Not sure it's possible looking this post and my quick test. http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=10728 But ask again into plugincafe maybe they fixed it.
  12. import c4d def rename(obj): texture_tag = obj.GetTag(c4d.Ttexture) if not texture_tag: return mat = texture_tag[c4d.TEXTURETAG_MATERIAL] if not mat: return name = "{}.{}".format(obj.GetName(), mat.GetName()) doc.AddUndo(c4d.UNDOTYPE_CHANGE, obj) obj.SetName(name) def iter_hierarchy(obj): while obj: rename(obj) iter_hierarchy(obj.GetDown()) obj = obj.GetNext() def main(): doc = c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument() if not doc: return doc.StartUndo() iter_hierarchy(doc.GetFirstObject()) doc.EndUndo() c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main() Coded without opening c4d so there might have errors. You can change how name are structured at line 10.
  13. Xpresso - Using marker data.

    About mp3 import with marker I'm not sure you can do it. Here a video for adding audio without marker (I'm not sure mp3 are supported, to be honest I never imported a sound file into c4d, so test it and tell me) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97aQtTvBTbY Then what you could do it's basicly a script in ae who gonna export all marker into a txt file or json (with frame, name) Then create a script in c4d for import it :) About marker I did a quick exemple for you https://gist.github.com/gr4ph0s/0badf708657aaa117be0f84dd176e2b8 In your case maybe you could import your marker, create a dictonary with frame as id, like that you don't need to process everything, for each xpresso loop calculation wich will perform best than my exemple and will be easier because you will be able to code something like markers = GetAllMarker() current_fps = 10 if str(current_fps) in markers: user_data = 1 For .mov use this class in order to get c4d.BaseBitmap https://developers.MAXON.net/docs/Cinema4DPythonSDK/html/modules/c4d.bitmaps/MovieLoader/index.html?highlight=mov#MovieLoader.Close
  14. Detect if Animation is playing

    I remember reading some informations about detecting animation, sadly after 2 day of research I didn't succes to refind where I found thoses informations Then I suggest you to open a new thread here http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=7 where support team will be able to help you quickly.
  15. IMPORTANT: New IPS 4.2.1 discussion!!

    Is it possible to have a dark theme? My eyes are crying... Anyway good job and have fun for finalize the upgrade, thoses things are pretty boring, easy if there is no problem, but which upgrade never get problems? :p