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  1. You can also use https://code.vonc.fr/depliage :)
  2. C++ plugins need to be recompiled see Cinema 4D R23 Released. Python plugin as said, we switched from Python 2.7 to Python 3.7.7 since Python 2.X reached his end of life and is now unmaintained. However if the plugin developer already take care of looking at python 3 he could probably write it in a compatible way for both Python 2 and Python 3. So long story short, for python plugins it will depends, some may works, some may not. Cheers, Maxime
  3. May I ask you your CPU to see if it's support AVX instruction set and your OS. Cheers BTW: even if this forum is read by few MAXON employee, and while redshift is a MAXON product now, please if you have issue with redshift contact them directly on their forum.
  4. We get a similar request, not so long ago on plugincafe.MAXON.net forum. https://plugincafe.MAXON.net/topic/11033/setting-quicktime-options/4 note GetImageSettingsDictionary/SetImageSettingsDictionary are introduced in the R20 version and there is no workaround for previous version. Cheers, Maxime!
  5. My free light lister for redshift Preview (outdated gonna update it in the week) Download: http://graphos.xyz/files/Plugin/graph_redshift_light_lister/graph_redshift_lightlister.zip Source code: https://gr4ph0s.github.io/c4d_redshift_light_lister/ Anu suggestion is welcome ;)
  6. I just wanted to add for people who keep saying new core doesn't coming, if you lok at the current sdk you will see a lot of function accept a thread as argument for being executed into another thread. Even if multi threaded doesn't mean multi processor, it's show us, MAXON try to parallelize their core, and it's a huge step for making it working into multiple processor ;)
  7. I really don't see the point to develop and integrate new render engine. This two year give us Redshift, Corona, Arnold, Cycle, Thea. And we already get Octane, Vray. And they are used a lot in production. Maybe youtube kiddies who do minecraft no care. But they also no care about buying render engine. So about market place of this new engine I have some huge doubt it's worth the time it's ask. And since 90%(It's random number I don't have any proof. But I never met someone who use ar in production) of us already use 3rd party engine, I really doubt we will switch and change all ou
  8. About priority I know is not like you but you can do a left click into object which are stacked. And select the one you want. For other thing you can do it in python ;) About tag I don't really udnerstand what you mean but I have no doubt you can do it in python ^^ Even if you can't do it directly in python you can display it in the viewport or anywhere you want throught python. About preset you mean for UD creation? Again it can be made in python :) New projet can be easily done in python excepted for texture path which are global :/ About Nitropose I curr
  9. No is a big project. And yeah a bit like nitropose. But with more features and since I will be on a one year production I need a fully customizable tool and one where I fel confident with it. And is not the case of nitropose. It's mainly why I'm doing it ! :D
  10. I just posted the plugin here => @bezo you are speaking about my pose plugin? It's on the right way. here you could see my roadmap on the developpment of it. https://trello.com/b/vRImHyp1/pose-master
  11. Again thanks for your effort 3dKiwi and maliohammad but as I said I'm lazy I want a one click solution ! :p @ArtNoldy for sure. But since I'm a niewbee in C++ It's slow. But I guess in the end of the next week it will be ok. and only for R14+
  12. Thanks for the video. But I guess I will do my plugin since your method only work in 2D (so you can't costraint to 2 axis for exemple) and moreover it's a lot of click for something that must be instant. Anyway huge thanks for take the time to make a video and a workaround :)
  13. Thanks for the answerd but excepted again if I do the thing badly there is no snap in this mod (only 2d snap). http://recordit.co/vnNPhJGl3J Here is what I excepted to do http://recordit.co/XHJGA5DaBB (I have made it with a tool plugin coded in c++)
  14. I have managed to get it working but for the moment it's work as an xpresso/python so it's not very usefull. Here A quick preview. http://recordit.co/IVPNATWFPp I will investigate for a more easy way as the one in c4d (since the axis constraint did not work with snap) EDIT : I have figure a good way to do it ! :D http://recordit.co/XHJGA5DaBB here a proof of concept dat snap the whole mesh (but it's only cause i'm lazy and for testing but I will be able to only snap selected point). It will be aviable as a tool :) Stay tuned ! Of course I will share it for free :)


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