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  1. what vfx software should i choose

    lets hope autodesk dont buy houdini :p
  2. what vfx software should i choose

    thank you hvanderwegen for reply well i am very good in aftereffects is it enough rather than trying to learn another app and already planning to learn houdini
  3. what vfx software should i choose

    well not planing to buy expensive plugin i can get houdini for free but limited to 720p resolution and watermark in render i am willing to put effort in it cause i use motion design in cinema4d and planning to get into vfx for a better career
  4. hi i am thinking of learning a new vfx software for water + ocean + sand + snow + explosions simulations i have a little experience in realflow but i am also considering houdini is houdini that hard to learn
  5. i thought it will be easier for me when i was cleaning my uv :p yep thats what i did
  6. walle was much simpler hard surface object
  7. yes i did avoid subdivision surface i usually do that when i model hard surfaces objects
  8. hi all i created wall-e in cinema 4d and used arnold render i hope you all like it :)
  9. any good website to buy high quality HDRi images
  10. Hi i am using HDRI image + global illumination to light my scene but i only get soft and barely visible shadows any ideas how can i get good shadows like in physical sky
  11. hi is there good tutorials for creating high quality graphics in cinema 4d for broadcast example: https://www.behance.net/tvconcept