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  1. I managed to do the same test on a macbook pro, it was an older one with dual core, 13", fresh install of C4d and export with assets. I got the same results, my Air was faster. ONLY thing I can think of is the Air runs a SSD. Anyone have an opinion if this would make a difference
  2. The Datsun brings back some memories and that is some beautiful rendering.
  3. Wowwww, that is so impressive. How do you get the material applied so consistently across the model?
  4. Thanks a lot for the comments, been modelling the cars I would like to own but can't afford. Buick is one of my favourites Modelling a jar?
  5. Man, that paint looks good, will definitely try it. Thanks a lot.
  6. Ok, thanks for those details. Very sure I had the same settings but I'll double check. I made a mistake once, guess it could happen again :) :) :).
  7. Thanks Bolos Here's some of the reference pics I used and my modelling with the blue prints. I actually rounded off the back in the later renderings but hey, if it's out by a bit I'm cool with it.
  8. Yep, looking soooo much better, you have filled a big hole in my knowledge. Going to go and make a few glass objects :) :) . Thanks again. Thank you, I turn the hypernurb subdivision renderer up to 4, mainly for the tight curves. First time I have used it but the boot vent corners were tight and had corners on a lower setting.
  9. I think I got it. I ended up with only the transparency chanel, refraction 1.52, no exit reflections, Fresnel reflect 100% , Fresnel texture, mix mode normal and absorption distance .001 ( went from .1 to .01 etc bit couldn't see any difference.) Only issue is I believe the refraction is too strong.
  10. Thank you so much for your comments, very encouraging. I 'tampered' with exit reflections but it didn't make any difference and I don't know how to achieve real world thickness, google just can't solve all life problems sometimes :)
  11. Well I am really happy with this. A few firsts for me and a few mistakes. Any comments and consructive criticism welcome.
  12. Wow that's fast compared to what I'm using. I'm guessing I'll be limited to what I can do with upgrades for a macbook pro laptop. Still don't understand why my dual core 1.7 GHz air is faster than a quad core 3.4GHz iMac. Thanks
  13. Yes I did see 8 buckets. I have R13 and it is the same version loaded on both machines. Here's the dropbox link. Thanks for looking https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ybkyzbkh3udeml1/AACEwLcqJGchgrcqFI4f9P6ia?dl=0



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