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  1. TRussell

    66 Mustang WIP

    Thank you
  2. TRussell

    66 Mustang WIP

    Thanks a lot
  3. TRussell

    66 Mustang WIP

    These are the finished images, this represents the extent of my ability at the moment. Thanks for the suggestions, I learnt a lot and they really helped. Hope you enjoy. Any comments welcome
  4. TRussell

    66 Mustang WIP

    Thanks EAlexander At the moment thus is as far as I can take it with my knowledge. Haven't got much experience with lighting. I'm certainly goung to try your suggestions.
  5. TRussell

    66 Mustang WIP

    Here's where I'm up to with the interior.
  6. TRussell

    66 Mustang WIP

    Getting a bit more realism on the paint
  7. This is one of the few cars I have worked on. The only work I have done before is architectural exterior/interiors as examples of layouts, nothing worth posting but recently I have started modelling cars and I'm really enjoying the learning curve. I having a few issues working around tight corners and avoiding triangles, but other than that, still learning. Interior is not finished yet Open to any comments.