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  1. inner extrude and symetry

    ohhh thank you Rectro ! so simple ahah, Thanks !
  2. Hi there ! I follow a tutorial for modeling a lowpoly character, but it's made in blender so I follow and try to do that in C4D. When the tutorial start to extrude the head he make like a inner extrude then start the extrude. (image 1,2,3) But when I do it, I get weird inner extrude symetry. (image 4,5) So, there is a solution to do that ? thank you very much for the help :-)
  3. point selection cloner

    Hi, I make often cloners on a grid like for a field of trees. But since a day when I put my tree in the cloner it's working but when I want to make a selection to delete somes, the points selection are not in place, so it's really hard to fine wich object I delete. Here is a screenshot, my points are not in place. Thanks for the help ! :-)
  4. Rotate separatly object into mograph

    Ho ! Thanks southpaw ! So logic by the way...I forgot often the coordinates of the object before I put into a modifier. Yes I know about the layers, but I don't think all the time to do it :-) Thanks have a great day !
  5. Rotate separatly object into mograph

    Hi, Yes, I only add rotation in the random effector. And it's set to radial and the center of my axis is in the center of the cube. And when I add rotation in the random they go crazy... Here is the file Thanks ! squares.c4d
  6. Hi ! It's certainly simple :-) I have put a square into a mograph radial cloner and then animate with the angle. I would like to have the possibility to rotate all my squares randomly. If I put a random effector or a plain they don't stick to my radial path. I made rotation of the square directly, that's what I want, but have a random rotation. Thanks for the help :-)
  7. You mean in the input multiply ? Well I did not put any number in there, and I added like 80, and now the emitter...emitt :-) But in the video he put a color speed display, and I did it too, but it seem to not working... I'm really new in Xpresso, what do you mean by a local vs global ? Thank you Jed !
  8. Hi there, I follow this tutorial about x-particle and cycle 4d. my "problem" is at 39.20 sc. In the tutorial they move the null and with a expresso tag they make the position velocity of the null make the birthrate of the emitter. Well I tried to do this with a align to spline for better control. but if I put my null in the Xpresso, nothing happend, because it's the align to spline position is moving and not really the null. so I was wondering if it's possible to convert or take out the data of the align to spline position to make this position a position velocity... ? I don't know if it's understandable :-) I attach my scene. test.c4d
  9. Ranger mapper

    Hi there, I have a extrude plane growing in X. I made a object in a cloner object. I want to drive the X size of the object cloner by the X size of my plane. I made a set driver/set driven and it's working. But my X plane is a small number. I would like to start my object cloner X size not a the same number. Ex : the x plane size start at 3 and if I make a set driver my X cloner object start at 3 too. But I would like it start at maybe 100. I attach my scene, I call the objects as DRIVER and DRIVEN. Thank you ! TEST.c4d
  10. appearance by a falloff ?

    A good way yes, thank you, but I got a object (bus) that a I made and in your idea you have to put in a PolyFX and it's my some strange warp when it pass ? I would like to use something like a boole effect.
  11. Hi there, I have in this scene a bus who is coming in my little map. I would like he appear when it enter my ground map. I tried with a shader effector or a plain, but it appear in 1 frame. I would like the bus is sliced by the ground when it enter. Someone see my problem or understand :-) ? Thank you ! test.c4d
  12. Hi guys ! I made a bunch of cubes and they appears with a plain effector and a falloff, I'm quiet happy with it. But I would know if I can put like a "noise" in the apparition. So the cubes appears with the falloff but not in all the same time, like a random effect in the falloff. Thank you for the help ! :-)
  13. timeline animation show

    that's what I done a few seconds ago...Damn, for hours you can't find the solution, then you ask in a forum, and then you find right after the solution ahah. Thank you anyway ! :-)
  14. timeline animation show

    Hi there ! I think it's a simple case uncheck, but when I put my layout in animate mode I can't see my layers in it. I changed modes, but nothing appears. I looked in every tab (mostly view tab) and check / uncheck option, but doesn't see anything. I certainly make a simple manipulation error. Thank you guys !
  15. sketch and toon crosses

    Hi there, I'm using sketch and toon in C4D. I working on a city plan and I make a sketch and toon pass. I have look and switch every fonction I think to "delete" the crosses between my roads. I have put a image attached and the with square show my interactive render region. You will see a intersection between 2 of my roads. I would like that sketch and toon understand there is a intersection and I would like that I do not see these intersection. Thanks to you guys !