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  1. Maybe better this question, How can I do it in xpresso. To keep my object in the hierarchy but to disable the effect of the spline wrap strength for only this object.
  2. Hi there, I try to make the letter O in wood style (with branches) and animate it. So I used a spline wrap to bend the cylinder around a circle for the body of the O. I have put some simple branches around the O body. I use the plugin "Gélatine" (https://code.vonc.fr/?a=71) to bounce the animation of my O. But the branches don't follow the bounce, because if I put them in the null where is the spline wrap, the branches are bend too..and I don't want that. Is there a way to put them in the same null but to take them out of the spline wrap effect ? or can I leave them in a other group but tell them to follow the bounce of the O ? I have put the scene, it's bettter to understand :-) Thank you very much for the help letterO.c4d
  3. but why when I scale directly the nul size it was not working ?
  4. I HUDGE THANK YOU Bezo :-) And it was so...logical...:-)
  5. Hi there ! I have a big problem that I can't fix :-( I made a few months ago a project with a map and a morph cam (see file First project). In those files I just put the ground, no the city on it (too big). The client would like to put a new city on it. The problem is when I did the first project I made my scene (map,city,morph cam) really really small and the project work better and faster if I have the objects more bigger. So I made another project (see project scale). I have put my morph cam and my ground in a null and scale it bigger (1500 in scale of the null) to fit my new city. It's working but at the end the camera morph is not really matching my first project. If you go at frame 475 of the two files, the map is a bit offset. And I really really dont understand why. if someone could help it's really really cool :-) Thank you ! First Project.zip Project scale.zip
  6. cool, ok. It's working now. Thank you !
  7. Hi, Ok but when I alt-add a null as parent and zero out the tram rotation and then the axis of my null is not align with my object. So yes the x-y-z position are not linked anymore but if I want to move in the path of the object it's really difficult ?
  8. Hi there, I have a problem that I can't fix. I have to make tramway on a map but when I move my x position to move the tramway, the z position move too... And so my path don't go straight, after few frames, it move on the z... I really don't understand why, maybe something with my world orientation ? something like that. Thank you very much for your help :-) I attached a file with only my tramway, no map (too big file) but if you move the tramway you can see that the z position change coordonates when I change on my x position. Untitled 2.c4d
  9. Hi there, Sorry I posted this, but with my old account on another computer, didn't see it. Sorry for that. So yes Bezo thank you ! it's exactly that :-)
  10. Hi there, I have to make a plexus effect on footage. Well I think I am going to use the AE plexus plugin. But I have to "stick" my plexus effect on the ground/rock (see attached image) The footage have a little pan camera. In plexus I can use .OBJ. Can I like use the motion tracker of C4D, track the ground and then recreate a plane who have the form of my rock and then I can export as a .OBJ and then I can apply plexus on it ? or someone have a better idea ? Thank you very much !
  11. ohhh thank you Rectro ! so simple ahah, Thanks !
  12. Hi there ! I follow a tutorial for modeling a lowpoly character, but it's made in blender so I follow and try to do that in C4D. When the tutorial start to extrude the head he make like a inner extrude then start the extrude. (image 1,2,3) But when I do it, I get weird inner extrude symetry. (image 4,5) So, there is a solution to do that ? thank you very much for the help :-)
  13. Hi, I make often cloners on a grid like for a field of trees. But since a day when I put my tree in the cloner it's working but when I want to make a selection to delete somes, the points selection are not in place, so it's really hard to fine wich object I delete. Here is a screenshot, my points are not in place. Thanks for the help ! :-)
  14. Ho ! Thanks southpaw ! So logic by the way...I forgot often the coordinates of the object before I put into a modifier. Yes I know about the layers, but I don't think all the time to do it :-) Thanks have a great day !



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