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  1. Not able to set translation keyframes

    It's not a bug. MAXON has incorrectly classified it as a bug. It is as everfresh said. When they are colored orange, they are part of a keyframe selection and the Record Active Objects button respects those selections. But the Attribute Manager is allowed to overwrite that manually.
  2. R19 Rig 'Female Clothed' won't scale

    Hmmm that shouldn't be the case. If you get everything under 1 null(rig, meshes, etc) it should work without needing to reset anything. I'll try to check later tonight.
  3. R19 Rig 'Female Clothed' won't scale

    You should be able to put everything into a null, and just scale the null with the Object tool. If done that way you shouldn't need to reset any weight tags.
  4. A couple of bits here: SHIFT is not what you wanna click to mirror upon creation of a component. SHIFT creates a new component but doesn't select it(Which is useful if there are no sub components of the component you create). CTRL is what actually makes a mirrored component as well. It will select both components. You can also do CTRL+SHIFT to create mirrored components but not select them(useful for legs when you don't have toe components.) In your case, you created and adjusted the left side but still need a right. Don't worry, you don't need to re-adjust. Switch back to build mode, select the left components, choose Character>Character Builder>Copy Component. Then Character>Character Builder>Paste Mirror Component, and you should be all set. Hope this helps
  5. Add Walk Question

    It's because the Add Walk button for CMotion simply moves your controllers into place positionally. It doesn't add any sort of rotations. You would need to add those into CMotion yourself. One would just be constant to rotate it down. Then one to rotate it more forward and backwards kind of thing. CMotion is fairly limited. You probably are better off trying to animate it yourself.
  6. SetTangent help

    Howdy, So you are just setting tangent values to the global position of those objects, and that's not exactly what tangents are. Rather than a point in space, they are a relative offset(relative to the point that is). So to make your tangent handle's positions relative to the point, you have to multiply it's global matrix time the inverse global matrix of the point object. You can inverse a matrix using the ~ operator thingy. So for example: Point1InvMat=~Point1.GetMg() So then your tangent position would basically be: Point1TangentLPos=(Point1TangentL.GetMg()*Point1InvMat).off So a tangent is really a vector of the distance in x,y,z, from the point. So you have to get multiply those matrices and then get the position vector which would be relative to the point rather than global. I attached a scene file in case this makes no sense. Spline Rig 02c_0001.c4d
  7. You can instead of having two controllers to animate(which animators won't really like), instead constrain the IK tip joint(the wrist in this case) to the goal null, and put that underneath you Wrist Controller. That way Positioning and rotating the Wrist controller would also adjust the rotation of the child which affects the wrist joint.
  8. Advanced Quadruped Rig Issue

    There's not really anything that says one can't use the quadruped in this way. There's nothing illegal about it, etc. That's not the cause for the error, but Dan is right, the legs won't behave like a spider's leg. You should consider switching templates. I don't exactly know the issue, but you can just click your weight tag and choose Set Bind Pose and the points will go back.
  9. Import animation into unity

    Your outliner doesn't show SplineIK for the arms and legs. It shows a splineWrap it seems. That won't transfer over. It would need to be joints and skin data. then you would bake the joint's PSR data as well as the meshes, and then you should be able to export to Unity via fbx.
  10. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    yes. Pose Morph is an existing tag. You just added it as needed. It's possible it could be reused project by project as well. It would require some dependencies I think(same hierarchy each time, probably same naming etc.). And if you have specific rig setups you like, you can make them a template for use with the Character object, so you would get effectively the same thing. I had been working on a CD Tools template some time back, but with Dan's sad unexpected passing, I have decided it's not worth it most likely. I do believe someone has the code and will be doing something with it some time. That's what I had heard last on CGTalk.
  11. See if there is a protection tag on the controller. If so that would prevent you from translating the controller. If you used the Character Object and the Advanced Biped Template, then that's what's happening. The squash and stretch should be a slider on the head controller(I think?) and it's basically scaling the head bone to achieve that. So if the head bone has no weights, no squetch. Cheers, Bret
  12. How to make C4D lip pushing?

    There's a lot of nulls because I started out with spline IK tags to control splines, to hopefully use Spline Deformers for the lips. That didn't pan out. So there's a lot of crud in there that's probably not needed. In a nutshell, you have basically some Joints for the upper and lower lips. There could be controls for the lips. So let's just say, those joints are constrained to some controllers. The controllers, are under a null. Now, for each controller, there are two null targets. Target 1 follows the jaw deformation(ie it's constrained to follow some percentage between the jaw and the face upper joint). Target 2 is under a null that is following Jaw and Face Upper 50/50. So each controller's Target one is constrained at some value unique to that controller. But each one's Target 2 null, is under the same parent that's following 50/50. The Target 2 nulls, they're all in the default lips closed place as well. So then the Controller's parent Null, is constrained with Target 1 and Target 2 as the targets. The zipper lip is just a slider. The slider plugs into some range mappers that basically blend that last constraint from Target 1 to Target 2. I'm sure that's a really peeved poor way of explaining it. But effectively, you are just constraining the controls to go back to their default pose, but as if it were following the jaw 50%. If I remember, I might clean up the file and make it a bit cleaner.
  13. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    I suppose, but it was basically pose morph. It was a tag, that you could create poses for, that you could animate on. That's Pose Morph basically. It's that, wrapped up with better groupings(User Data and XPresso). It was a convenient thing, for sure. But to replicate it with Pose Morph or Xpresso isn't too difficult.
  14. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    If I recall correctly, the Hand tag just provides sliders for all the fingers right? The Character Should do that just fine. Just build the Advanced Biped rig, and choose the IK fingers/thumbs instead of the FK. Then each finger has controls for most normal finger positions. If you select the hand component you then get access to all of the sliders for all of the fingers. Then for adding more poses, you would need to just go to the Pose Morph Tag of each finger and add new ones as you see fit.
  15. How to make C4D lip pushing?

    Here's a quick example I made last night. I don't know if it's how the OP did it, but it could work. I don't like having to use the joints like that. I'd rather use a Spline deformer, but to make it work properly with the Skin Deformer means I'd probably have to break it out as a different mesh and blend it in and that's just messy. So for the purpose of demonstrating the idea, this should probably do. mouthFile_0001.c4d