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  1. You can also choose a point, check out the weighting of that point, and use those same values/joints as a PSR constraint with each joint as a target, and it's weight as the strength slider. Then it should behave the same I believe.
  2. Slightly deform a skinned mesh

    I would usually just do it with Pose Morph. Permanent or not, I like to keep it not permanent in case the client changes their mind.
  3. Character binding and animation

    Do you have a Skin Deformer as a child of your object and a Weight tag with joints in there on your object? If you SHIFT+Double click on the weight tag, it should bring up the Weights Manager(WM). Click on the mesh name in the WM. Do you see anything other than black? When you bound your object, did you switch to the bind tab of the character object and then drag your model in there before binding? I've sometimes run into if you don't drag/drop your geo into the bind list, sometimes the character object doesn't bind properly. So if you didn't do that. Try doing that and then see if that fixes it.