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  1. How can i fix this problem

    Yes, all the character tools apart from CMotion, Character Object, Muscles, Tension Tag, Component Tag, Pose Morph Tag....and maybe clusters? I forget, I don't have C4D in front of me. Are in all versions. It's a common misconception. MAXON doesn't make a big point to put out that Prime could basically do all non-morph based character animations.
  2. How can i fix this problem

    That is incorrect. Joints exist in all versions of C4D
  3. It's actually not a very easy thing to implement, which is part of the reason why it's not there currently. Your rig would need to be set up work with mocap to begin with(which usually means having some parent nulls that get driven by the mocap data and in tern drive your controllers). If you have these sorts of parents already set up, then I think it's just a matter of either connecting the rotations(not global rotations or you can use local rotation constraints) from your source skeleton, to drive these parents. I believe it requires the forethought to have your rig set up to work with mocap for it to work with mocap. And with different mocap solutions out there all using different orientations and naming, it's hard to standardize for it.
  4. Correctional morphs I believe are at the mercy of the engine. I don't think you can do them usually. You can always add more joints and drive them with XPresso to try and correct the weights as needed, then that would export properly.
  5. Four bones

    You can hve that extra knee joint in there. Thats fine. It just seems like ur ik chan goes to the toes rather than to the ankle maybe. I usually treat the foot and toes separate from the leg ik.
  6. For the hands you can use my setup fk controls script from cineversity. Youd select the joints u want control over and then run the script(select them in proper hierarchy order). It doesnt give you sliders but controllers instead. That is my preferred method for fingers at least. I am slowly trying to work on a mixamo control rig template. I just have trouble finding the time to get it to completion. But be on the lookout for it on cineversity Hopefully in 2018. Also working on a plugin that will let you transfer mixamo weights that way if you already had a rig but wanted mixamo to auto weigjt it you could easily transfer it to your rig
  7. You can just select your bind joint hierarchy and bake the animation to them and then export to unity.
  8. If your rig is a template, it would be set up to use CMotion in the component Tags. You have to decide your hubs and targets and such. You can refer to the Advanced Biped template to see how this gets set up.
  9. Apply rig to existing weightmap

    If you have two models with the same point order and point count, you could actually just drag or CTRL+Drag to duplicate, your weight tag from one mesh to the other. The new one would just need to make sure it has a Skin Deformer to actually deform
  10. How to set up IK/Fk blend

    Usually, for a blend, you would use 3 chains, one that is controled by IK, one controlled by FK, and then the 3rd is constrained to the other two.
  11. Out of curiosity, if you make the character object editable, do you still get the same elbow rotating behavior?
  12. If your new joint does not have animation, it probably will not show up in the timeline. I'm not super knowledgeable with Unity, but you may just need to add a keyframe to the new joint. Otherwise some images would help. ~Bret
  13. I'd make sure you don't have Hierarchy Checked to modify. You should really only have PSR, Parameters, and User Data checked. Having Hierarchy checked, I have found in the past to just cause all sorts of problems. Unless you actually plan/need to manipulate the hierarchy, you're better off leaving it unchecked.
  14. You can also choose a point, check out the weighting of that point, and use those same values/joints as a PSR constraint with each joint as a target, and it's weight as the strength slider. Then it should behave the same I believe.
  15. Slightly deform a skinned mesh

    I would usually just do it with Pose Morph. Permanent or not, I like to keep it not permanent in case the client changes their mind.