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  1. I renewed my MSA for Studio 1 week before the "big announcement" expecting in good faith to get the Cineversity subscription i had received as part of the contract for many years. Without any warning or explanation it is suddenly with-drawn. If this was hard to except, then they de-valued my Studio version considerably. As a hobbyist with a family and a part time job i have sacrificed a HUGE amount in time and money for over 10 years, and have enjoyed the journey up until a week ago. It seems every way you look at it, the studio owner is the great loser in all of this. (Cant find any advantage). Now i am not a software engineer, and i dont have an MBA , but i am a human being who understands the concept of fairness; but it seems the more people that protest, the more those protests are ignored. Re-instatement of Cineversity (which was always part of the deal anyway) , and a good discount on Redshift (Which Redshift used to offer every year anyway), might go a long way towards restoring some sort of fairness, good faith, and trust into the sadly failing relationship. (and may even quieten down these threads). Such gestures cost MAXON hardly anything ( in fact they recoup what they lose anyway. I guess the ball is in their court now. Interesting times ...... the times ....they are changing.
  2. Like to say something positive. Probably not the right place .... but like to "shout out " to Joren and the Pixel Lab. Having been part of the "C4D club" for 10 years plus , it has been refreshing to see that they have never changed along with the majority. They have helped me more than most , often at a cost to themselves , both with free training and free models. To reward their good gestures , i have bought nearly every one of their plug-ins offered , and really admire their business ethic and down to earth attitude. In fact they stand alone in this respect. Loyalty encourages loyalty , and i will always support Joren. Sometimes its not all about money. Friendship ,loyalty, and long term commitment stays true to the fundamentals of mutual benefit to both sides. Perhaps MAXON could learn something from Joren.
  3. First time post on a forum but felt the need to. Happy user since R10 Studio with investment in most plug-ins for the software. (Over $20,000 NZ Dollars spent in that time.) Just a hobbyist with no income earned. (My choice). Was excited and looking forward to the "exciting / industry- changing news , and got up at 4.15 AM on a cold mid-winter morning to see that MAXON had lost its heart and soul and gone done the road of so many other corporates,only interested in money. The presentation was amateurish ..(didnt even start on time )..... and it didnt get better for those of us with a long term loyalty / commitment to C4D. Reluctantly spent $1200 renewing my MSA two weeks ago, thinking i would at least get a subscription to Cineversity. (but sadly the goalposts were shifted there as well ). The whole "big - announcement "thing has been deceitful, and has treated long term loyalty with contempt. Havent felt so deflated since Greyscale Gorilla tried to charge me again for software i had already bought and owned. Have spent two days in a daze trying to work out what it all means to me. The answer is, that any way i look at it i lose.The only winners are the lower participants on the eco-system and possibly new users ( which will only dumb down the fraternity). It has been a public -relations disaster from my point of view. Surely if you are going to take away with one hand , you give something back with the other hand to soften the blow ? It would have cost them nothing to offer Redshift at a discount to long-term loyal users. Tried hard to find something positive , as i have spent far too much time digesting all this. Have loved the journey up until a couple of days ago. Sadly MAXON has depreciated greatly in my estimation. I feel as if i have been "blind-sided" .... reluctantly, it may put me out of the game.
  4. Have joined TD Master section and tried to purchase Xpresso Tut. Get right through to checkout confirmation without discount being applied. Am i doing something wrong? Tried again and was debited 33 Euros. Is that the correct price for me as a TDMS member?
  5. Have joined TD Master section and tried to purchase Xpresso Tut. Get right through to checkout confirmation without discount being applied. Am i doing something wrong?
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