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  1. Binding a high poly mesh

    1: Believe it or not, it's best if I don't show that screenshot 2: I need it like that to use on making a remastered version of an official game 3: Yes, but nothing's different 4: It's better if I don't, if you want your brain to be in a good state. (no, it's not nsfw cause I hate those kind of models) Maybe it's better if I try remodeling it cause it kinda looks a bit weird to be honest. The good thing is that, the sculpting feature will help me smooth out the mesh looking like it has hundreds of tousands of polygons but it doesn't in reality. But thank you for helping me understand the issue Sorry for bothering you. Topic closed
  2. I've recently been modeling for the second or maybe third type a character, and made sure there are no unecessary bad placed points/lines/polygons. Everything wen't well, but now I'm at a problem, after I have made editable the subdivision that had the modeled mesh inside, I had to bind the necessary bones to it. But the binding didn't go as expected. If I try to bend a arm for example, some polygons kinda "bevel" themeslves away from the mesh instead of staying together with the rest of the polygons giving a smooth looking bend. Here's a screenshot: And here is with the gouraud shading with lines: Isn't actually supposed to give a proper weight when binding a character no matter the number of polygons? By the way. The entire mesh has a total of 447232 polygons. This is the custom binding settings I always use: I have set 37 in the joint number because that's how many I'm using on the mesh. What could cause the polygons to bend like that after binding? Edit: If I uploaded this topic in the wrong place, just let me know.
  3. Exporting models with fur

    Spline was the only option to make the hair how I set. It needs some weight fixing with the joints but other than that, it worked perfectly. Thanks Topic solved
  4. Exporting models with fur

    Hmph, ok, i'm gonna try that and see If its gonna work. I'll come back later with a reply If it worked
  5. I recently started creating a game prototype, and I have to say, I made a good progress. I'm using Unreal engine 4. But there is a problem with exporting the models with fur. Even though I have set the fur on the model as good as it should be, in unreal engine, the fur is completely removed from the model, it just won't accept it how I exported it in the .fbx file. How do I export the model entirely with fur?
  6. Keyframe bug

    Ok, let me see if they can do something. Hope they'll understand me...
  7. Keyframe bug

    This bug is really stressing me out, everytime I try to paste the keyframes that I copied, the first one always moves the object back to the center of the spawning position. This happens from 4 copied keyframes to a greater number of keyframes (this happens with the move tool, rotation and scale tool) I am now using R19.053 studio and I really feel bad about this. When it comes to updating your own creation, it's always hard to find the bugs that are in need of fixing. I can just imagine how annoyed would a developer feel when he misses a little tiny mistake. Hope MAXON would fix this
  8. Global matrix delay

    I've set a simple but smart finger controller where when I move on Y axis the cube controller, the finger will rotate, but there is a little very little delay on the movement. Everytime I'm using the Ctrl + Z comand to undo what I moved recently, the joint rotates back to it's original rotation, but the mesh attached to it with global matrix remains the same, unless I click on empty space in the objects tab. I think there's something wrong with the updating frame on the mesh. Do I have to include something in xpresso between the joint and the mesh that has the G.M. nodes?
  9. Is it worth it?

    Hmmm, I think I'm gonna try that and see If I'm gonna find someone that will help me on the game. Thanks for the tip
  10. Is it worth it?

    I said that i WAS using unity for that simple proiect. But it makes me mad the fact that the coding is my biggest wall that is blocking my way to success. I'm just asking If its worth it to continue developing the game on this engine or stop here and be worried about my greatest interest
  11. Is it worth it?

    A few months ago I was working on a very simple game project that had no name that time. But I had one big problem that was blocking my way to a success.....coding..... The program I was using was Unity, which I heard lot's of things like "the best game engine ever", "no way this will be hated", "coding in this is so much fun!". Then I thought about creating a game of my dreams that might save popularity of one that has weak features. Without saying the boring details, I'm just wondering if developing a game in unity is worth it.
  12. Joint not following parent properly

    Note: I know I marked this topic as solved, but just one notice to say about the bend. If one of you uses the bend system for the elbows, then make sure the bend's Y scale is 0 so the elbow's child joints will rotate perfectly with the mesh. Hope this helped some of you all.
  13. Joint not following parent properly

    Are you talking about the arms that follow that waist? The idea about using the global matrix nodes between waist and arms is that it makes animating a little easier for the animator to work faster instead of moving the waist THEN the arms individually. Only for the waist, the back doesn't need any of that node. You should try it. Just make sure you have the arms in a group cause if you tie the global matrix from the waist to both of them and not the group they are in, then they will reposition to the place the waist is. I mostly use aim constraint for the feet and head to make it locked in the P rotation. With this you don't even need to move the feet to make it look like they collide with the ground.
  14. Joint not following parent properly

    Ok, I finally found a way to fix the issue 98 %. I had to make the elbow move a bit while it's rotating. Here's the image with the xpresso and the rotate elbow: This topic is now solved. Thank God I don't have to redo everything from zero
  15. Joint not following parent properly

    I analized the wrist and hand joint and tried to reposition them to be straight, but still nothing until I looked at the elbow and saw the issue. The issue was not the wrist or the hands or the fingers, the issue was the elbow itself. When I rotate it in P, the line moves a bit forward instead of staying still, I wonder why. I'm gonna try to mess a bit with the scale and position and will report back if I did something.