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  1. Object connect question

    I have no idea what is wrong with me. Every time I'm asking in this website about something that I want to do or I need to fix, I'm trying to see if I can fix this issue or if I can do that simple effect in cinema 4d, I always fix it or find out how to do it. A *wampwampwamp* sound effect would fit with this '^_^ Topic closed.
  2. My modeling level is still on cubic, but I would like to ask if I set the UV texture on two cubes with the same texture material, will the UV stay intact when they're connected into one object? even if I change the texture that has the same style but a different look?
  3. Four bones

    I know, I just wanted to have a custom and a very advanced rig that has many many features in it. Yes I know cinema 4d very well, but I just wanted to see if it's possible to add extra joints. Guess I'm gonna have to remove the bind tags, remove unnecessary joints and redo everything that won't affect my progress. Topic is now closed. :(
  4. Four bones

    This is how I made the rig. This is how the lower knees are rotating when I move the goal below the feet. The solution I found is to put a protection and lock all three posing. But the feet won't keep up with the goal. The goal moves way further than the feet when protection is enabled, but it will keep up with the goal if I disable the protection.
  5. Four bones

    What are the consequences of adding four bones on legs or arms? What are the results after creating an IK Chain?
  6. Hard BP UV EDIT

    huuuhhhh..... guess I can only do one by one instead of having the shortcut key to make the job easier... Then this topic is now solved... Thanks for reply anyway.
  7. Is there an easier way to work on the BP UV EDIT? I'm trying to shrink by 10% each polygon, but I have to use the mouse on selecting and scaling the polygon, or use the mouse on selecting the polygon and click apply to shrink it by 0.10. Is there like some command button to directly select the polygon and scale it? If I try to scale all selected polygons, it will shrink of course, but they will still be attached between them. I don't think that it is possible to scale all selected polygons at the same time individually.
  8. Bad texture importing

    Ok, this is why the texture was importing incorrect. When you try to export you texture with gimp, make sure you: 1) uncheck "Save color values from transparent pixels" 2) set the compression level to 0 After that, your png file should not have any more issues. Topic now closed
  9. I have this problem where everytime I import my own made texture, it comes up completely messed up. It looks like it gets overlayed. But it looks ok if I double-click on it to see on picture viewer, no overlay or something. If I try to put the alpha channel, it will look fine just how it should. But whenever I try to use BP UV Edit, the alpha channel won't work anymore and the texture gets back to a completely messed up texture. Here is the png I want to use on my project: https://postimg.org/image/1wn8dvgr6j/ Try to import in a empty project, make it plane backlight and see if it happens the same. It's made with Gimp 2.8.
  10. Object on track

    I'm afraid I can't put the file in here because it's too big. Instead, I'll put the link to the file: http://www.mmvf.nl
  11. Object on track

    I have found this incredible lib4d file that has the best roller coaster tracks and trains. Whenever you click play, the train keeps with the track by position and rotation, which is insane and amazing. It's called MMVFs_RollerCoaster_4D_v1_4. Mine kinda goes through the tracks and falls into the void, but that's not what I'm looking for. I want my own object to keep with the track the same way this one does. What kind of xpresso nodes needs to be put in order to work properly?
  12. Removing the weight

    ok ok, so if using the weight tool does not do any good results then there will be no way I could make that spot from the object to detach from the body. This one will work for sure. Instead of using cube by cube, why not create the legs and body in one object, so that they will be attached without using any bending or removing the weight. This should do it. Topic now closed
  13. Removing the weight

    here is the file. Remake.c4d I've thought about doing something that might cover the spot. So, move the waist down and look back. If removing the weight doesn't help then there might be a few other options. Using bending or something else.
  14. I just finished rigging a unique character linked to a game full of "nonsense". I made a test to see if it moves like it should and it seems to work nicely. But I noticed something that is bothering me. This character is cubic, and the thing that is bothering me is that the legs are not perfect if they are detaching from the body, so i tried removing the weight from that part. It worked kinda correctly but if I move the body, the removed weight doesn't seem to follow anymore. Do i have to reset the bind pose? If you don't understand what I'm talking about, you can ask if you need the project to see what is about.
  15. I'm starting to lose my mind. I think this is the issue number 4 to me. For no reason, after a lot of work on the scene and many preview renderings, I see this issue where whenever I try to render, it says rendering shadow maps like it should and after that the text vanishes for a few seconds, THEN the global illumination starts to do his job. It didn't do this before. What is the cause of this weird bug? If you recommend me to install r18 then I won't do it until every issue it's fixed in that version. The solution for this I know is to create a new project with the same terrain and merge the other project by deleting the terrain first and merging into the new project so the rendering issue will not occur. Temporarly only.I don't want to do this every single time. If this is an issue that it's not being noticed by MAXON, then I'm going back to R15.