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  1. ToodelDare

    Modeling a head

    I finally managed to understand the modeling way, never thought it could be that easy to model a head. Thank you for your help :D now I can model myself a good looking head without having any mistakes. But first, I need to get used to it because this one took me longer than other modelers Topic solved
  2. ToodelDare

    Modeling a head

    The video is not available, it says that its removed by the user. Also, I think I might, somehow, be able to model myself a unique face and head, I just need to wait for the right day, which I don't know in what day my modeling skills will come back.
  3. ToodelDare

    Modeling a head

    Luckly, I use a cube to test if the front and side view are at the same height and scale.
  4. ToodelDare

    Modeling a head

    I began the same way you did, and it seems like the face might look pretty good later. Also, for me its best if I do things the simpler way so I can get used to it and then model it smarter in the future. I really want to thank you for helping me out. Also, I can never find a good head reference that has the exact alingment on both views. And this one was the least perfect. I am no artist so I can't make myself a reference :/
  5. ToodelDare

    Modeling a head

    I watched a few of your videos and I got really impressed by that. Also, the body I made was not subdivided entirely, it was under a subdivision surface so I can see how it would look subdivided. ok, I'll try your idea and see if I can get any good results
  6. ToodelDare

    Modeling a head

    I've had this issue ever since I started modeling a human head for the first time. Everytime I try to model it, I keep getting bad placed polygons. When I look at some pictures with modeled human head I can see the polygons being extruded and placed in a very proper way, while I always get either too many polygons that don't fit with the other areas such as the eyes, or nose. I just don't understand how other people can model the faces without much trouble, while I can't even model a mouth. for me, modeling a body is no problem, but when it comes to head modeling, its just too much for me, also, when I try to look up for some head references to model from, I always find areas that are not simetrical between the front and the side. ex: the left eye from the side has a different shape than the front one. Of course, I always think how should I extrude the edges, how to start modeling the face and all, but when I try the idea, I never get the expected results as I have thought. How can I learn about how to start modeling a head in a proper way?
  7. ToodelDare

    Problem starting 3d painting

    Uhm, I think I'll stick with bodypaint 3d. It may be buggy and stuff, but I think that it doesn't let me paint the textures on the plane because I didn't applied the textures before making the uv. Seems clever to be honest. Its like those applications where you cannot spawn a character in a place if it doesn't have the right AI
  8. I'm moving on to the next level where I want to create landscapes without using the game engine. The only thing that keeps me confused is that I can't paint properly, and I'm pretty sure I'm starting the wrong way. I got myself a plane ( not that flying machine, an actual flat object) and I wanted to make a simple terrain with grass and dirt n sand and a little lake in the middle First I sculpted the plane to give it a shape, then, after I made its uv using the paint wizard setup, it let me paint in 3d mode, but then after I selected a material and set it as the main texture, it no longer allowed me to paint. Redid a paint wizard setup and then it actually let me paint again, with the texture of course. After painting with the three textures, I wanted to give the dirt texture a normal map effect. After I got the normal map, imported into the dirt texture and selected it, it did not let me paint it. Whats going on? Why is this happening? How do I properly start painting the object without having these errors?
  9. ToodelDare

    Seamless uv map

    I think I'll keep it like this, this is the closest I could get at the moment, and I am now proud of it :) The program you are using must have some different abilities of unwrapping the uv, but c4d has, probably, nicer ones, I guess.Now this is a different life. Topic solved. Thanks ;)
  10. ToodelDare

    Seamless uv map

    Ok, Now I see why the head goes a bit roundy. Also, there seems to be some sort of a disconnection on the shirt part right in the back of the neck
  11. ToodelDare

    Seamless uv map

    There we go, now this is a good looking UV. Gotta do some edits with the head though Those bold boomerang-like parts are the shose, I wonder if I can get them lined up
  12. ToodelDare

    Seamless uv map

    Ok, I'll try that. Let's see if I will get the right uv this time
  13. ToodelDare

    Seamless uv map

  14. ToodelDare

    Seamless uv map

    Is there a good way to get nice looking UV's that will result in seamless textures? I've been fighting with this thing for a while and I still don't know how do I get a good and simple UV so that my friend, who is a very good artist, will have no trouble painting on the UV. Here's an example of a zombie modeled by myself, containing its textures: And here is the UV texture: To be honest, I am not proud of this type of UV I made. In what way do I need to select the edges in order to achieve the right UV? "UV" counter: 6
  15. ToodelDare

    Gun animations in video games

    I'm no longer a game developer, I'm now only an animator and modeler to bring my creations to life, such as a zombie trying to kill the player. The person that I'm working with is the new programmer. Had to move on and not to break my PC. Animation and modeling was my only choice not to blow my brain from working on four different jobs :P But I have to say, I barely understood what you were trying to explain . But as much as I understood, seems like binding parts of a gun to the following joints is not the only way to animate it in order to sync with the hands animations. I never knew that exporting a unbinded animated object with the PLA checked can work in the game, and not get its parts imported into the game only. I need to try that out and see if that was the option that I missed. Thank you for letting me know about the PLA option. Topic solved