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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to export a simple vector works scene to C4D. The scene is of a large industrial tank that has radius and height of 20 metres. When I export to C4D I can't see the shape of the tank. When I do the same with a much smaller tank I can see it. How do I navigate the view so I can see the 20m tank? Any suggestions much appreciated. Randal
  2. Thanks darby. That sorted it out.
  3. Hi Igor, scene attached. Please note Loft.1 is not working properly. Thank you. loft not working.c4d
  4. Hi, I'm starting on C4D, having briefly attempted to some years ago. i'm having trouble with a loft I'm am trying to create from a splines. I have a closed spline on the ground plane and have copied it and moved up the y axis above the original spline. When I create a loft from the 2 spline I lose part go the original, intended geometry. I tried to achieve extruding the spline but I need to be able to modify both splines after I have created the loft. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. RAn